Azrael Howell : ASB President by Day, MC by Night

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Azrael Howell : ASB President by Day, MC by Night

The duo rap/rock group “What Have May,” Azrael Howell (left) and Sean Mucke (right).

The duo rap/rock group “What Have May,” Azrael Howell (left) and Sean Mucke (right).

Courtesy of Azrael Howell

The duo rap/rock group “What Have May,” Azrael Howell (left) and Sean Mucke (right).

Courtesy of Azrael Howell

Courtesy of Azrael Howell

The duo rap/rock group “What Have May,” Azrael Howell (left) and Sean Mucke (right).

Taylor Drake, Staff Writer

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Correction: This article initially stated the name of Howell’s band inaccurately; the correct name is “What Have May.”

A copy of Gza’s Liquid Swords, an angelic seal around his neck, and a few ideas of how to make a student successful. These are the ingredients of Azrael Howell.
Before becoming ASB student body president and PROPELS (Peers Reaching Out to Promote Educational Learning Success) student to student mentoring coordinator, Howell originated from Brooklyn, New York and moved to Indiana as a teen. He then jumped from Indiana to Washington in July of 1996, for a need of new opportunity.In November of 2012 he was fired for the first time from Home Depot after working there for “about 15 years.”

When looking for a new job came with poor results, his wife suggested to, “go into school for something you love.” He decided to study natural medicine. Howell started at EvCC summer quarter of 2013 and joined student senate the following quarter.

Howell knew he had found his place when he first stepped into student government, “there was so much support from the advisors of student life… their main mission is to make students succeed, so I saw that and I was like, ‘well this is a great place to be’.”

Some details about Howell:

1.Jobs as a teen: Dish washer at a country club, pushing carts at a grocery store, cashier, worked at a bakery, pharmaceutical company, and Super Walmart.
His experience at the bakery that he quit from: “I didn’t rotate the bread and I was never told to, he [supervisor] yelled at me for that and I was like, ‘nah I don’t have to deal with this I’m out’…”

2.He was a disruptive student in elementary school, an effect from his parents divorce, got suspended from 2nd grade and was forced to leave a school for the gifted and talented to go to public school, and got out of his shell in high school. “Senior year was like my favorite year because I came out of my shell, was talking to more people, got involved, not necessarily with school more but just in general.”

Now involved with his academic involvement in a better place, how has ASB changed him? “ASB has given me a sense of belonging and mattering.” He also said that it has given him more of an incite on campus culture and awareness of all the angles, from student to administration.
In reference to Howell and his leadership, BSU member Lucien Lekea said. “The man brings a lot of energy, he’s open minded and realistic at the same time.”

3.He wears an angelic seal that represents his name and a moon stone, “… it represents my soul, I like to wear it out, that way people can see it naked and free.” According to Howell the stone gathers and expresses energy, “so everyone can feel where I’m coming from.”

4.Has an identical twin brother that also has dreads like him.

5.Dragon Ball Z is still one of his favorite cartoons.

6.Says Gza is the best rapper from Brooklyn, and Howell himself is in a rap group.

“The Genius from Wu-Tang. I was going to say Busta Rhymes, he’s the best performer, but as far as the best lyricist, in my opinion, would be the Gza, The Genius. And it’s a funny thing, when I was growing up I just stumbled upon him. I remember being in Indiana, I was at this place called ‘Head Stones’ and I was looking through new music and stuff like that, there was this artist named the The Genius and so I picked it up and I really liked it, just because he’s very intelligent with it…”

He revealed that the Gza is an influence in his music. Azrael is one half of a rap rock group called “What Have May…” they released an album, “Come What May,” on Jan.1 via

He then recited a verse from the song “And in That Moment.” Azrael’s rhyme style seems to be a more slam poem form, with plenty of depth and plenty of drafts behind it.

“Elements of this Surrounded by an answer Padded lies subsidized In a fester of a private dancer Muted eyes see the length of days It took for me to tap away I gave them faith But they threw it all to yesterday And so I gave it back Wrap your arms around this

My rights have been challenge So like the slogan says Don’t tread on me Who is actively seeking pursuant of the truant I’m not available for questions
Those nights are gone…”

Howell has gone from New York to Washington and in his experience has become a solid communicator, an MC and a great leader.

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