Living on Campus During a Pandemic

How EvCC Housing Residents Are Handling COVID-19


Lakeithia Sakin

Some residents of EvCC student housing have stayed put during the COVID-19 pandemic. From left to right, Shawntel Martinez, Anselmo De Sousa, and Madison Lambert outside of Mountain View Hall on April 23, 2020.

While college students across the nation struggled to move out of their dorms, EvCC housing residents were presented with the option to either stay in the building or leave. It’s no secret that EvCC closing their doors temporarily due to COVID- 19 raised a lot of questions.

With classes and services offered remotely online, students discovered that there’s no reason for them to pay for housing when they could just take classes in the comfort of their homes. This resulted in students moving back home, whether that was internationally or domestically. 

Lakeithia Sakin
Anselmo De Sousa, a freshman at EvCC pictured on the 2nd floor of Mountain View Hall. Sousa is from Sao Luis, Brazil.

Take Anselmo De Sousa for example. De Sousa is an international student from Brazil who decided to stay in the dorms, stating that “Brazil will always be there.” He also mentions that he’s “always wanted to do school outside of my country, and going home is one of the last things on my mind.” 

Anselmo is also a part of the international club and he wishes to soon be involved with more campus activities. “I will stay here for as long as I can,” he said.

Some students are fortunate enough to move home, but others have nowhere else to go. Madison Lambert for instance, is a student originally from Billings, Montana, who couldn’t find an apartment on time and now her only option is to stay in student housing. 

Lakeithia Sakin
Madison Lambert pictured on the first floor of Mountain View Hall Thursday afternoon April 23, 2020. Lambert is also a freshman, originally from Billings, Montana.

Lambert has nothing against student housing, however since a lot of families are dealing with financial constraints she believes that it’s better to save money as much as possible. Lambert’s reason  for moving to student housing was to be close to campus. “In the past, I enjoyed walking to class, but since everything is now online, there’s no sense for that,” she said. 

According to Lea Wasson, the Assistant Director of Mountain View Hall, there are currently 68 students living in Mountain View Hall and 36 in Cedar Hall.

Shawntel Martinez, a Peer Navigator and Connect Mentor, encourages people to keep calm and carry on. “I know that right now is a hard time, but we can still do something to continue with our everyday lives,” she said.

Lakeithia Sakin
Shawntel Martinez pictured on the third of Mountain View Hall on April 23, 2020. Martinez is also a peer navigator, and a “Connect Mentor.”

Student Services is going virtual to help assist students during this crisis. Below is a link of available services open to the general public.

(Please note when selecting a department you will be put into a waiting room and a staff member will be with you at their earliest convenience.)

Check out the playlist below for some tunes to enjoy during quarantine.

Lakeithia Sakin
Mountain View Hall, one of the resident dorms, located across from the White Horse Hall building.