Lime Scooters: Alternative Transportation in Everett

Electric Scooters Make Transportation More Simple Around Downtown Everett


Logan Maruszak

Lime scooters parked on the corner of Colby and Hewitt in Everett. “They are heavier than I expected and a little wobbly at first but I really like Lime scooters,” said Madison Efaw, an EvCC nursing student.

They are parked along curbs, along the streets, near bus stops, businesses and recently, they can be found near the campus of Everett Community College. They are the green dockless electric scooters for rent, owned by a micro-mobility company named Lime.

Earlier this year, 100 scooters arrived in Everett. It started with a three-month pilot program. “To gauge the level of public support and determine how scooter share programs like this affect the environment, transportation options for commuters and visitors, and the health, safety and welfare of the general public,” the City of Everett website partly stated.

The written mission statement on the Lime website  says, “Lime is founded on a simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility.” In addition, the company states, “its aim is to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distances transportation and leave generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.”

Logan Maruszak
Two pedestrians ride a Lime scooter in downtown Everett on Colby Ave.

To rent a scooter, a rider can locate and reserve one with a credit card using a Lime mobile app from a smartphone. Once located, the scooter can be unlocked by scanning the barcode. It cost $1 to unlock and 25 cents per minute during the ride.

For those without a smartphone and a credit card, the company has a program called Lime Access. It includes discounts for those who qualify. One must apply to qualify for this program. Members of Lime Access can pay to rent scooters at CVS and 7-Eleven stores, according to the company’s website. Riders are provided with a “text-to-unlock” feature.

Madison Efaw, a medical assistant student at EvCC and a resident of Everett owns a vehicle but sometimes hops on a Lime Scooter for short distances in her neighborhood and around the city. “They are heavier than I expected and a little wobbly at first but I really like Lime scooters,” said Efaw.

Lime scooters are not limited to the city of Everett. During Efaw’s visit to Paris this last summer, she and her family rode on Lime scooters from their hotel to the Eiffel Tower.

Although helmet laws differ from city to city, it is recommended that helmet should be worn when riding a Lime scooter. Helmets are required for all minors. Safety rules and regulations that must be followed are posted on the Lime website.

Some of these rules and regulations include wearing a helmet, abiding by all traffic laws, not riding down steep hills, only one rider at a time is allowed, and must be 18 years of age to ride Lime scooters.

It has been six months since the three-month pilot program of the Lime scooters in Everett. Efaw believes that there are some benefits in having these scooters in the city. “We can easily hop onto one and get somewhere quickly. I will definitely continue using Lime scooters,” she said.