NWAC Coach of the Year is Passionate About CC Soccer

Henry Yarsinke, Advertising Manager

Every great team needs a great coach, and the Trojans women’s soccer team has that in Geoff Kittle.

Kittle, who played for Pierce College, teaches and coaches boys soccer at Marysville Getchell High School in addition to coaching the women’s team at EvCC.

“Kittle is a great coach,” Trojans forward and 2014 NWAC tournament MVP Lauren Allison said, “He not only cares about the team soccer-wise but, on a personal level, he’s always there for us. He’s really taken this team and has been able to do something great with it.”

“His knowledge of the game is really good,” EvCC athletic director Larry Walker said. “This year we won (the NWAC championship) but we’ve been good for the last five or six years. Very good.”

Walker said that one of the keys to the soccer program’s success is Kittle’s recruiting.

“He does a tremendous job. He knows a lot of players all over the state,” Walker said.

Kittle says his coaching style keeps players accountable, but also maximizes their success in a game that is youth-oriented.

“Players really only have about a six year window where they really can be serious about soccer,” Kittle said, “where they can really play competitive and have an opportunity before the game passes them by. We try to mention to them that this time in life is valuable. You only get one chance at that, so maximize that.”

“I really enjoy working with these players and I really enjoy the opportunity to coach at EvCC. To me, it’s something I’m really passionate about,” Kittle said. “(Coaching) is something in my life that is really rewarding.”

“A lot of people say ‘oh its just community college soccer.’ To me, that’s a really passionate thing that we really care about. And we’re serious and it’s one of the most rewarding things to me in my life. It’s my identity and something that I really love.”