Essential Workers: Working During a Pandemic

Nanny, Andrea Skorheim volunteers at the Everett YMCA and during quarantine has been hosting a Zoom storytime for kids every Monday at 9:45 a.m.

Helene Martin, Managing Editor of Print

May 18, 2020

From childcare to retail, many EvCC students are still working hard to provide essential services to people.  For EvCC student Andrea Skorheim, who has been a nanny for twelve years, working in the midst of quarantine has been “a whole new world to navigate daily.” Skorheim currently nannies ...

EvCC Alumna Recounts Her COVID-19 Experience

EvCC alumna, Katja Wahl,  photographed with a camera in hand prior to contracting COVID-19.

Rick Sinnett, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020

Disclaimer: Katja Wahl is a former Clipper staff member and daughter of T. Andrew Wahl, who is the head of EvCC's Journalism and Communications department, as well as the teacher adviser for The Clipper.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported the potential dangers C...

Discussing COVID-19 With Infectious Disease Instructor Joan Brindle

“Statistics regarding infectious diseases state that many times, 20 percent of the
population is responsible for 80 percent of the disease, said EvCC Infectious
Disease Instructor Joan Brindle.”

Neva Swindle, Staff Writer

May 15, 2020

Since the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases, states all across the country have implemented stay-at-home orders and closed all nonessential businesses. This has had a deep impact on American’s day-to-day lives. Everett Community College has transitioned to almost all online classes. According to Cl...

EvCC’s Nursing Department: Teaching Healthcare During a Pandemic

 EvCC nursing student Caitlyn Yousie doing clinical rotations with her classmates during winter quarter.

Helene Martin, Managing Editor of Print

May 11, 2020

Quarantine and strict stay-at-home orders have pushed all college classes online which has been a struggle for many students and instructors alike. The EvCC nursing department is feeling the impact just as much, if not more, than anyone else.  With the move of all college classes to an online format, it was ...

International Students Living on Campus During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Mountain View Hall dorms, where many of EvCC’s international students are living.

Jade Phan, Staff Writer

May 7, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many international students staying on campus housing have decided to pack up and go back to their home countries. But for those who decided to stay, navigating through this pandemic in the U.S as foreigners can go with a mixture of concerns, insecurities and frustrations. ...

Locked Down Far From Home

Empty EvCC campus on Apr. 27, 2020. In-person classes have been suspended since Mar. 5, 2020 to follow social distancing protocol  because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ruqaiyah Alaji, Staff Writer

May 5, 2020

As the COVID-19 breakouts are affecting everyone around the world, we look at how it’s affecting students at EvCC. Not only does this pandemic effect domestic students at EvCC, but also international students who have had to go back to their countries and those who have had trouble doing so.  Whil...

Deciding to Stay or Leave During a Pandemic: International Student’s Perspective

Deciding to Stay or Leave During a Pandemic: International Student’s Perspective

Dongmei Liang, Staff Writer

May 5, 2020

“I am currently in South Korea, back to my home country,” said Soyeong Cha, an EvCC student from South Korea. “Immediately upon the outbreak of COVID-19, from my family’s concern about my safety, I had to decide to return.” According to the data provided by EvCC’s Vice President of the ...

Homemade Face Coverings for Those in Need: Local Group Making an Impact

Freshly completed facial covers sewn by Elise Mullins for Masks for Arlington.

Melody Ripsom, Staff Writer

May 2, 2020

With the recent Washington State Department of Health recommendation to wear face coverings in public settings, community social media pages for mask-crafting have been on the rise. Masks for Arlington is a group of volunteer crafters who donate homemade face covers. “It's been so gratifying to help orga...

Everett Man’s Battle and Recovery from COVID-19

Everett Man’s Battle and Recovery from COVID-19

Rick Sinnett, Staff Writer

April 29, 2020

On the morning of March 2, Jay Griffin of Everett went to the doctor for bronchitis and a sinus infection. On March 11, he would find out he was infected with COVID-19, the potentially fatal pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Griffin’s doctor confirmed that he did have a sinus infection and bronchitis,...

Snohomish County Sheriff Calls Out Gov. Inslee’s Stay-Home Order

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee addresses the state on the COVID-19 outbreak on Mar. 11, 2020.

Daniel Albert, Editor-in-Chief

April 22, 2020

Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney voiced his opinion regarding Gov. Inslee’s stay-home order on his Facebook Tuesday evening. After tuning into Gov. Inslee’s Tuesday evening public address, Fortney went to Facebook for an announcement where he stated he wouldn’t be taking any enforcement ac...

COVID-19 in Washington State

The U.S. surgeon general asked citizens to stop buying face masks unless absolutely necessary. He tweeted on Feb. 29,

Rebecca Duffy, Managing Editor of Digital

March 16, 2020

On Jan. 21, the United States confirmed the first case of COVID-19 (novel-coronavirus) in the country. This first confirmed case was of a patient in Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett Washington, only a short walking distance from EvCC. Since January, the number of confirmed cases in Washington...