Monica Aime Aguilera
1. What do you like to write about?


I like to write culture and diversity pieces. I would mostly like to focus on writing articles along the lines of social justice and sharing experiences that the reader wouldn’t other wise encounter on a normal basis. I want people to have a chance to feel the experiences through my writing and multimedia packages, sort of act as a microphone for those who would like to be heard.

2. What are your future plans in journalism?


After EvCC I hope to transfer to WSU for the Integrated Strategic Communications major. I’m still on the fence of where I will be 5 or even 10 years from now. I think I would eventually like to work for a nonprofit organization that focuses on issues that I like to write on or I would like to go into a magazine and become a writer and work my way into an editing position similar to the one I have now at the The Clipper

3. What Disney (or fictional) character are you? Why?


Merida. I feel like my relationship with my mother is very much like Merida’s with hers.
I thought it was cool of her to fight for her own hand. I loved the stubbornness and bravery she has.

4. What's the best way to contact you?


If you have any pitches, I would love to receive emails! I check them very regularly.
To reach me at the clipper email [email protected] or my personal student email at [email protected] Also you can call The Clipper office (425) 388-9522

Monica Aime Aguilera , Managing Editor of Print

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