Food within Fifteen: Sirens Market and Coffee Shop

The counter at Sirens Market and Coffee Shop, located at 3021 Rucker Ave. in Everett

The counter at Sirens Market and Coffee Shop, located at 3021 Rucker Ave. in Everett

The counter at Sirens Market and Coffee Shop, located at 3021 Rucker Ave. in Everett

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The Dragon, The Griffin, The Mermaid and The Unicorn. They all sound like fantasy creatures but these are actually the names of lattes from Sirens Market and Coffee Shop. Coffee is an important aspect of any college student’s diet but students can get bored with the same coffee drinks over and over. Sirens Market and Coffee Shop offers a new and exciting menu for students and a comfy study spot at the same time.

The coffee shop presents an at- home feeling with its eclectic style and multiple sofas making it the perfect place to study. Kristie McBride, the owner of Sirens Market, says that EvCC students study there frequently, “I have a handful of students that come in more regularly than other people.” In addition, the coffee shop is only about seven to nine minutes from campus driving and about 20 minutes by bus.

The menu has approximately 17 coffee drinks, 11 tea lattes and nine other drinks including a college favorite: Red Bull italian sodas. Kristie talks about the large size of her shop, “I can have a lot of flavors that other people can’t have because I have so much room.”

With such a large menu it gives students an abundance of options for their coffee drinks. Kristie says, “I think the my Mermaid Latte has been one of the most popular drinks.” The Mermaid Latte consists of a butterfly peach tea with cotton candy flavoring.

There is nothing like cozying up with a coffee and warm cinnamon roll and the Siren is the perfect place. However, if sweet isn’t the craving this coffee shop has it all. From a yogurt parfait, to a french dip and even a kids menu, the Siren has delicious and affordable food with prices staying under ten dollars. Kristie says, “The breakfast burrito is the most popular thing to order for food…my favorite is the Beet Salad.”

The Siren is also known for its large gift shop, crafting classes, and community involvement. The shop often hosts fundraising events and Kristie is hoping to start hosting even more. Kristie describes one of the events, “We have an open mic night. It’s put on once a month for now and the day varies. The days are posted here at the shop, on my facebook and on the website. You can also find information about classes I host here too.”

Kristie explains that EvCC students can take advantage of the Siren for their own fundraising events too, “If anybody at the college is thinking they want to do a fundraising event have them call me because I would love to do events here.”

Kristie McBride, owner of Sirens Market and Coffee Shop, shows off her bold bright red espresso machine, while describing her specialty lattes.

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Food within Fifteen: Sirens Market and Coffee Shop