Generating Awareness: Coffee, Cake, & Islam

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The Humanities Alliance sponsored an event Thursday, October 26, opening up a conversation about Islam and how the religion is represented. The event covered The Eleven Points, which are eleven principles that True Islam uses to illustrate the peaceful nature of the religion and combat Islamophobia.

“There is a lot of misinformation about Islam,” said Waqas Malik, a member of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim community. “There are those who seek to divide us. This campaign is designed to address questions.”

In his presentation, Malik explained the principles in depth and how certain parts of Islam are misinterpreted and misused. He asked the audience, “Consider the source, not how people contradict it. Islam instructs us to live by peace,” he said. “Our religion is being abused to gain political power.”

Adja Fame, a Program Specialist of EvCC’s International Education team, shared a story about a black, Muslim, 18-year-old that was found hanging from a tree near her neighborhood.

“This could happen to my kids,” Fame said. “No human being should have to go through this.”

She continues, “This was my wake up call. I started reaching out and connecting, and I connected with a group of powerful, brave women whose goal it was to connect the community. Thank you for taking the step and starting a conversation. This is for my boys.”

Adja Fame had her two young boys, ages 2 and 6, at the event with her.

Coffee, Cake, and Islam will be held at Ballard Coffee Works weekly. For more information visit:

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4 Responses to “Generating Awareness: Coffee, Cake, & Islam”

  1. Jash on October 29th, 2017 2:27 pm

    Ahmadiyya Muslims are about 1% of all Muslims. They are part of a heterodox sect that are not considered Muslim at all by the other 99% of Muslims. They follow a 19th century prophet from India, which is considered blasphemous against Mohammed.

    Ahmadiyya cannot legally enter Mecca, because the Saudis do not consider them Muslim.
    Ahamadiyya cannot call themselves Muslim in countries such as Pakistan, because the Pakistani government does not consider them Muslim.

    The Ahmadiyya seem obsessed by clearing up “misconceptions” about their faith to Americans. However, they do not freely reveal the fact that they are considered heretics by most other Muslims and came to the West to flee severe persecution by other Muslims.

  2. Handsome Jack on October 30th, 2017 2:36 am

    Ah, this should be renamed to Generating Taqqiya
    “which are eleven principles that True Islam uses to illustrate the peaceful nature of the religion and combat Islamophobia”
    1) ‘True Islam’ is a pronoun, a title, not a factual concept, ie “true Islam”. It is a campaign trademark of the Ahmaddiyyas. It isn’t ‘true Islam’, seeing as how they are condemned as apostates and heretics to 99% of the global muslim population
    2) Islamophobia is a weaponized word created by a Muslim to attach bigotry to criticism. Regurgitating this slur proves Islam’s deception.
    3) “Slay the unbeliever wherever ye may find them” is NOT peaceful.

    As for the death of the 18 year old ADULT, even the article linked says that “Hate-crime SUSPICION *clouds* the investigation. Given the nature of the lynching, it is MORE about RACE. But then, most of these have been proven self-inflicted hoaxes. Dude could have committed suicide.

    I may have to show up for this ‘candid conversation’ – but $20 says they’ll ask me to leave when I debunk all their crap. I want to make sure they don’t just do the “Oh, Jesus is in Islam!” and ignore that Ahmadis believe that Jesus came back in the 1800s and believe we already have Judgement Day, despite WW1 starting soon after Ahmad’s death. And how did ‘Jesus 2’ die? DYSENTERY. So I want to hear this Ahmadi say ‘Jesus literally died full of crap’

  3. Handsome Jack on October 30th, 2017 2:40 am

    Hahaha ok, after going to TrueIslam’s website, you can COUNT on Papa Gabriel coming to debunk all this crap

    Islam rejects terrorism? despite the Quran saying “We shall be made victorious through terror”?

    And this bit: The Holy Quran recognizes the sanctity of all human life: “Whosoever killed a person … it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and whoso saved a life, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind” (5:33).

    WOW! Way to CUT OFF half of the verse that says ‘Unless to stop corruption or FOR A SOUL’. Not to mention that’s a bad rip off from the story of Cain and Abel.

  4. Handsome Jack on October 30th, 2017 3:21 am

    And to follow up further in regard to the Cain and Abel, when Cain SLEW Abel, he killed off all potential descendants of Abel, thus of Abel’s potential ‘mankind’. It was a PARTICULAR EVENT that made sense. And since we are all from Cain’s lineage – we are all BORN INTO SIN – we are Cain’s children. Which is a message of Jesus, and his sacrifice for the redemption of mankind’s sin. But Islam DENIES the idea of ‘born into sin’ (since they use the term revert), thus denying the meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice, and finally the meaning of the original verse – which now in islam makes no sense, because it essentially validates mass murderers and gives incentives to jihadis to slaughter as many as possible, since killing many is the same punishment as killing one person. It also doesn’t make sense in Islamic verse because if I were to kill someone, everyone else suddenly won’t drop dead.

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