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Index Hall Gravel Parking Lot to be Converted to Green Space

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The gravel parking lot in front of Index Hall will cease to exist after June 19, when the area will be converted to green space.

The parking lot was constructed as temporary parking as part of the WSU building construction project in order to provide spaces while property was acquired and permanent parking was built.

“As a temporary lot, it wouldn’t be approved by the City of Everett for use beyond the opening of the WSU building,” said Patrick Sisneros, Vice President of College Services. “Green space isn’t a greater priority than parking,”

The conversion will eliminate almost fifty parking spaces.

Everett zoning codes prohibit the use of gravel as a long-term parking solution, as it can create impervious areas and damage the space around it.

The permanent parking is Lot L, just north of the 7-11/Subway College Plaza and is available for students and staff.

The Clipper did video interviews with multiple students around campus, asking their opinion on the future of the gravel parking lot.

“Even right now we have problems parking,” said one student. “So I feel like it’s a bad idea.”

The area will be primarily grass with a few trees that have already been planted around the perimeter. The addition of picnic tables is likely and the ASB is interested in having a volleyball net, as well as space to play soccer and hacky sack.

Some students were concerned about the impact this might have. “I would prefer that they didn’t do that, because parking is already hard enough as it is.”

Other students were less opposed to the idea. “I think that’s awesome,” said another student. “I like the green, especially here where you have the evergreen trees. It’s beautiful.”

As for the green space, all gravel will be removed and replaced with topsoil, then the area will be seeded with grass.


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Index Hall Gravel Parking Lot to be Converted to Green Space