Yesterday’s News March 1

Raging fires, beached whales and the New England Patriots. Not sure which one of those upset you the most, but we’ve got them all. This month’s headlines have been absolutely insane, and The Clipper has them all for you.


Feb. 1 Prison break and hostage situation in Smyrna, Delaware

Feb. 2 Trump authorizes first covert raid as president in Yemen

Feb. 3 Thousands of Romanians protest new corruption law

Feb. 3 Judge halts Trump immigration order

Feb. 4 Louvre Museum Reopens as Egypt Identifies Machete Attacker

Feb. 5 New England Patriots win Super Bowl LI

Feb. 6 Queen Elizabeth II reaches 65 years on throne

Feb. 7 Betsy Devos confirmed as Education Secretary

Feb. 8 DAPL opponents call for global protests

Feb. 9 Court refuses to reinstate travel ban

Feb. 10 New Zealand volunteers refloat 100 stranded whales

Feb. 11 North Korea tests intermediate-range ballistic missile

Feb. 12 Nearly 100 fires burn across New South Wales, Australia

Feb. 13 Wife and son arrested for death of KKK leader

Feb. 14 Kim Jong-Un’s brother killed in Malaysia

Feb. 15 Russian spy ship spotted near US navy submarine base

Local news:

What: Seattle becomes first city to cut ties with Wells Fargo over DAPL
Where: Seattle

When: Feb. 8

Source: EcoWatch

In light of Wells Fargo’s support for the Dakota Access Pipeline, financing for private prison companies and a customer fraud case, the Seattle City Council voted to end the city’s 18-year relationship with the bank. Seattle’s contract will be ended once it expires in 2018.


What: Thieves caught in $500K jewellery heist may be part of criminal organization

Where: Chehalis

When: Feb. 2

Source: Komo News

The men, Jorge Tapias-Jarmillo, 41; Gustav Orrieta, 25; and Pablo Sanchez, 32, are suspected to be from Columbia. Their real identities are unknown. Investigators believe the thieves are connected to jewellery heists from around the country.


What: Federal agents conduct ICE raids in at least six states

Where: California, Illinois, Georgia, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina

When: Feb. 5-11

Source: The Washington Post

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants were arrested during multiple raids, the first large-scale Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation under President Trump. Spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said the raids were part of “routine” immigration enforcement actions, and that the majority arrested were criminals convicted of murder and domestic violence, among other crimes.

World News:

What: Ukraine rebel leader Givi dies in rocket attack

Where: Donetsk, Ukraine

When: Feb. 8

Source: BBC News

The separatist commander was killed four days after the death of another pro-Russia military leader. At least 35 died within a week, marking this the bloodiest string of attacks for Eastern Ukraine since 2015. The two sides, Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian separatists, began fighting in 2014 after Russia annexed Ukraine’s southern Crimea peninsula.