Animal Free: Veg Eats On Campus

Katja Wahl

All around the world people have adopted ways of living that exclude the use of animals and their byproducts. Six months before my seventeenth birthday, I decided to convert to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Now, how does a vegetarian, or even vegan eat on a campus with a high population of carnivores? The answer is simple. Although there is mostly non-veg friendly options in the cafe, there is always something there to eat.

A veggie burger or their packaged goods are perfect for anyone who is veg. Just make sure to read the label as sometimes things like gelatin, which is made out of boiled pig and/or cow tendons, ligaments, and bones, get snuck in. Yuck!

Instead of explaining every single option possible on campus, which is a surprising number, I decided it would be best to take you along with me for a full day of eating.

Follow me around in this video as I rummage through the bookstore looking for vegan goodies and adventure the café’s options to locate some good veg friendly eats.