The Everett Clipper’s Artist Spotlight – February 2023

Keiden Carlos was selected to be this Month’s Clipper’s Artist Spotlight. Carlos is a multimedia artist currently pursuing an Associates in Arts and hopes to transfer to the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

The Everett Clippers February 2023 Artist Spotlight – Keiden Carlos (Rob Ziegler)











In a recent interview, Carlos answered questions about her current and future career as an artist as well as what inspires her to create the art she does:

Q: How did you start out?

KC: My mom bought me a sketchbook a really long time ago, before I was even really committed to [art]. So it was just, like, messing around, but eventually I did more studies. Like [in] middle school, actually preparing myself to be good at it; practicing skills. But for the most part, [I was] just drawing whatever I imagined.

Q: What was the path for your art?

KC: Starting out, probably sketching, then I’d like to say around sixth grade I got a drawing tablet for my computer. It’s so much fun, I highly recommend getting [a tablet]. It opens up an entirely new world, it’s amazing. Also watercolor was a really big thing for me in middle school. I like trying out everything I love, like all mediums of art.

Q: What drives you to create your art?

KC: I think the biggest rush I get is when someone compliments me on my artwork, whether it be my parents just growing up or at the art sale last quarter, just seeing people see my work, being able to sell it and like, you know, earning money off of it too. Definitely the best feeling, getting that feedback. It’s a good emotional response.

Q: [What] is something that makes your art you[rs]?

KC: Some feedback I’ve gotten about my art in particular has mostly been the colors that I use. A lot of people have told me that I tend to use really bright feeling colors, like a sort of contrasty, sort of punchy feeling. And I enjoy that about my work too.

Q: Has [anyone here at EvCC] been able to help give you critiques or anything that’s had influence on you?

Digital art by Keiden Carlos (Keiden Carlos)

KC: Everyone, absolutely everyone. The teachers, the students. Like, even just people passing by. The people who get it. They give the best feedback because they know; they know what goes into art. And I’m sure it’s the same for any other thing here, like journalism. You guys understand the process and what people need to hear.

Q: The art world is very critical. Are you working on your outer skeleton or anything like that, or what do you think [about critiques]?

KC: When someone tells me harsh critiques, I will take it. I will take it to heart and I will work on it as much as I can, even if I don’t know if I agree with their critique. I’ll still step back and I’ll look at it and I will try and see from their perspective, what they’re thinking and what I can improve, because we’re not all the same people and having different perspectives on art, whether good or bad, can always lead to growth.

Q: Is your audience more like-minded people, or are you trying to reach out and just expose [your art to everyone]?

KC: For me, I would like to connect my feelings with everyone else’s in a way that people can understand. Maybe, less so for other people and more so for myself to get other people to know me, in a way. But maybe it’s a sort of self-centered art.

Q: Do you think [your art] would be on display more in an artistic environment or do you think it would be something work related?

KC: That’s kind of difficult. I feel like it’s hard to be an artist nowadays and separate the idea of having a monetary [value] assigned to your work, but also having it as just creative expression. I’m honestly not sure. I think it can be both. So, at times you can create job opportunities or make money off of something you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be exclusive.

Q: Are you hoping to attend [Emily Carr University] because they have a particular program?

Art by Keiden Carlos (Jerrilyn Brower)

KC: They have a really good 2D animation and also like game design that I’m really super interested in. [It’s] something really that I’d like to do in the future.

Q: Is there any genre or anything specific that you like [about animation]?

KC: Disney movies, especially [the] 2D animation. I think my favorite movie growing up was Sleeping Beauty. The animation was absolutely stunning for me. It just stuck with me, and I always wanted to make something like that too.

Q: What about for a new student here at EvCC? Would you have any advice for them?

KC: For any new students, I would say make the most out of your college experience here. You don’t have to be afraid of older people. People won’t look down on you just because you’re younger and you can make friends and have a community here. And definitely don’t be afraid to grab onto opportunities when you’re given them.