Breaking News: Sexual and Physical Assault on Campus



EvCC Campus

An early morning alert was sent out to the students of EvCC on Nov. 3, regarding a reported sexual and physical assault. The assault was alleged to have happened in the early morning of Oct. 25 around 2 a.m.

Following the emailed alert, EvCC sent text messages to those who have signed up for them through Rave. To sign up for these alerts, use the guide found here. The email said, “[The incident occurred] in a white Ford sedan parked outside Mountain View Hall.” This building is one of two student housing buildings that are on campus.

EvCC’s Director of Public Relations, Katherine Schiffner, said that the victim of the assault is a student here at EvCC, while the alleged attacker is not. Information is unknown as of now about if the student lives here on campus as well as why this incident took place. The alleged attacker was described in the email as “mixed race, about 5-foot-11, thin, with dark, curly hair.” This assault has been referred to the Everett Police Department, who are investigating.

It is unknown if this alleged assaulter is considered a threat to other students on campus. However, with this incident having taken place on campus, extra security steps are being taken to make safety and security a higher priority as police continue their investigation. Campus security will now be conducting extra patrols around student housing.

For additional help, view this safety guide for tips and tricks on how to stay safe and protected while on campus. Furthermore, if you are ever in an unsafe situation on campus, please call 911 followed by calling campus security at 425-388-9990.

The Clipper is planning a follow-up article following additional information on the matter.