Everetts Post-Pandemic Line Up


Courtesy Photo from Marshall Hugh.

Marshall Law Band laying everything on the line at Field of Dreams II.

Roaring crowds, pulsing venues, and blaring speakers all blurred to static as the pandemic shrouded the music scene early last year. As festivals were canceled and music venues closed, gatherings and celebrations over shared artists and playlists became a rarity.

Music promoters, fans and artists look toward the end of Summer and into Fall for a return of concerts and shows in Washington following Gov. Jay Inslee’s statewide Phase 3 announcement and CDC’s vaccination updates.

Grace Setiawan reflects on why music is important to her. ((Courtesy Photo from Grace Setiawan.)

“When I feel really stressed about school or anything, listening to music makes me feel a lot better,” Grace Setiawan, EvCC student and computer science major says.

With live events still on hold, EvCC offers students accessibility via streamed events and online functions throughout the year, even providing free wi-fi access for attendees. Streaming events made performances possible for many and created an amazing way for people to find a sense of normalcy. Unfortunately, online experiences can often lose the interactive element in-person spectacles are known for. EvCC’s Trojan Activities Board is trying to change that.

The Trojan Activities Board strives to complement the EvCC Student experience by offering a variety of activities designed to entertain and engage students in a welcoming and inclusive environment. This year’s streamed event highlights included a virtual music festival experience called Study Jamz, and an inspiring performance event by the dance company Infinite Flow Dance showcasing dancers with and without disabilities. For Fall quarter, they are excited to bring the Fall Kick-Off event back in-person with a potential live band playing for entertainment. 

“I feel like through this event, students get more pumped to get through the school year,” Jerald Santos, EvCC’s TAB manager, says. “We are definitely going to be enforcing social distance to keep students safe during the event and having virtual events would still be a viable option for future iterations of the TAB team.”

Changes to restrictions is exciting news to hear for promoters and artists alike. Workforces behind music are being given some opportunities to make some gains after taking immense losses last year.

“It was pretty devastating when it all happened. It’s been an incredibly difficult experience,” Darin Leong, Imagine Music and Arts Festival founder and music promoter for more than a decade, says. “I believe all these artists, promoters, and everybody involved, have been sitting around and thinking, ‘next time, we’re gonna throw down.’ I think creatively we’re about to face a bit of a renaissance.”

In Everett, Historic Everett Theatre continues to produce a variety of music acts available for patrons and fans. Since 1901 and through COVID-19 they remain to be the city’s beacon for the arts. In support of the city’s growing music scene, Everett Music Initiative, the organization behind Everett’s annual Fisherman’s Village Music Festival and more than 400 other music events, is hopeful to bring live music back to the marina later this year as physical social gatherings make a return. 

Thu “Rachel” Dang, EvCC student and psychology major says, “Not experiencing live music would be horrible for me because music has definitely shaped me into who I am. Plus, music is what connects people together.”

Fans happily coming together for live music again at Field of Dreams II. (Courtesy Photo from Marshall Hugh)

Snohomish County local creatives persevered through this time off and are ready to head back out. Some found solace in the time away working diligently on their art in confinement, and others are fighting for liberation through it all.

A recent headliner for the Field of Dreams II drive-in concert, Marshall Law Band, made headlines last year as the BLM movement was in full effect during the early months of the pandemic. Challenges have not stopped the band since, and despite live music being hushed, they continue to travel and perform around Seattle on their parade float.

“We want to show people everything doesn’t have to be scripted. You don’t need a big run up-to something, it doesn’t have to go perfect. I could plan and make 3000 people come to a show, or I could do 30 shows and reach 3000 people in a very interesting and unique way,” Marshall Hugh, frontman of Marshall Law Band, says.

“Music is a phoenix. And now we’re rising from the ashes better than ever before, with the creatives leading the way and telling people, we have value, and you have value, and together we can empower.”

Marshall Hugh faces the changing landscape of music with hope. (Courtesy Photo from Marshall Hugh.)

For more EvCC event information, TAB decides on events and activities based on their survey at the beginning of the school year, along with student reception. If you would like to experience more music events and performances, voice your support to TAB and Student LIFE.

Places to Go

Everett Art & Music

Upcoming Events

Geoff Tate: Historic Everett Theatre, May 28

Marshall Law Band with Tres Leches: The Museum of Flight, May 29

The Neil Youngs & the Harvest Moon Band: Historic Everett Theatre, June 4

Music at the Marina: Thursdays, June–Aug. (TBD)

American Vinyl and Rear View Mirror: Historic Everett Theatre, June 5

Rockfish and Friends: Historic Everett Theatre, June 18

Kings of Hollywood with Just One Look Historic Everett Theatre, June 19

Alive 85 with Fever 103: Historic Everett Theatre, June 26

Blue Oyster Cult: Historic Everett Theatre, July 17

Wildflower with American Fool: Historic Everett Theatre, Aug. 27

Fisherman’s Village Music Festival: Sept. 9-11 (TBD)

PseudoTramp: Historic Everett Theatre, Sept. 11

Foreigner: Angel of the Winds Arena, Sept. 14

Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives: Edmonds Center of the Arts, Sept. 16

Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite: Edmonds Center of the Arts, Sept. 18

Larger Venues

Maroon 5: White River Amphitheatre, Aug. 10

The Jonas Brothers: White River Amphitheatre, Aug. 30 

Megadeth & Lamb of God: White River Amphitheatre, Sept. 5

Green Day & Fall Out Boy & Weezer and The Interrupters: T-Mobile Park, Sept. 6

Tame Impala: Gorge Amphitheatre, Sept. 10

Jason Aldean: Spokane Arena, Sept. 16

Music Festivals 

Northwest Folklife: Virtual Event, May 28-31

Virtual Pride: Virtual Event, June 26-27

Watershed: Gorge Amphitheatre, July 30 – Aug. 1

Bass Canyon: Gorge Amphitheatre, Aug. 20-22