Trojan Basketball Guard Cam Millican Comes in Strong


Courtesy Photo from Daniel Acosta.

Millican pulls up for a corner 3 pointer against Whatcom Community College.

Cam Millican was a sought-after basketball recruit in Taylorsville, Utah with great size for a guard at 6-foot-4. However, student-athletes taking an extra year of eligibility meant that freshmen like Millican struggled to receive scholarships. 

“Everett wasn’t my first choice, but Jake Howe, my AAU teammate in Utah, was heading there to play and that kind of persuaded me to take a deeper look at the school, ” said Millican.

Mike Trautman, head coach of EvCC’s men’s basketball team saw an opportunity. “Cam is an exceptional basketball player and student. I think he might’ve received better offers from schools if it wasn’t for COVID, but he was always a player we were gonna go after.”

With the basketball season originally slated to start in the fall of 2020, the Trojans had their season opener begin on April 3 of this year. 

For Millican, the transition coming from Utah has been rough. “I was enrolled at EvCC in the fall of 2021, while I was still living in Utah. I had to join classes an hour late due to the time difference. All my friends were attending class on campus in Utah, while Washington was still locked down.”

The online classes are not the only challenges Millican has had to deal with. With state guidelines differentiating, he is required by the NWAC to quarantine for two weeks anytime he travels to Washington from Utah.

Mike Trautman, head coach of EvCC men’s basketball team. (Courtesy Photo from EvCC.)

In addition, Millican has not had access to the EvCC gym outside of practice. “With the season starting later and no offseason workouts, we are basically trusting these athletes to work out on their own,” said Trautman. 

Despite challenges, Millican has already shown success in the classroom and earned a spot on the Dean’s list for the past two quarters. 

“With all of my classes being online, it has been easier balancing my schedule as we haven’t been able to attend class,” Millican said. “I do better with my classes that require us to Zoom than I do with my online only classes, so I am looking forward to the return to campus.” 

With EvCC’s plan to reopen campus in the Fall, Millican will be one of many sophomore students attending class for the first time. “I look forward to attending classes as I think I will be able to improve my grades even more. Up until this point, it hasn’t really felt like I am in college since everything has been done remotely.” 

Trautman believes Millican will continue his success on the court as well. “Cam has been playing really well for us, and that’s without offseason workouts that are usually available for our players. I am excited for his return next year, as I think he has a chance to lead our team in scoring,” he said.

The Trojans are currently 11 games into their season and their record stands at 6-5. They have an upcoming game May 19 at EvCC, where fans are now allowed to attend. 

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