Happy Birthday to the Trojan Mascot

The 79th birthday of the trojan mascot


EvCC Press.

A timeline of the changes made to the Trojan logo throughout the years.

In February of 1941, the EvCC campus we know today was opened up and converted from an elementary school. Shortly after, the school needed to agree on a mascot. School mascots are often chosen as something that represents the community, history, or something as simple as an alliteration. Some of the names being considered were the Loggers, Grizzlies and Cascadians before ultimately the Trojan won the vote.

Why the Trojan?

The students voted on something that would represent the school and its identity rather than the area.

The Trojan questioning other names that were considered for the EvCC mascot seventy-nine years ago. (Joshua Amick)

With Washington’s state already known as the evergreen state, the Loggers, Grizzlies and Cascadians

seemed to just piggyback on the state and its scenery. The Trojan showcased the passion, energy and determination of the students who wanted to further their education in hopes of a better future for themselves.

History of the EvCC Trojan

It is a significant month for the Trojan because it was February of 1942 that it became our beloved mascot. In 2020, EvCC revamped its logo and the Trojan got new armor. They contacted Jeremey Slagle of Slagle Design and paid $5,000 to alter the costume. This new design brought cohesiveness to the school’s logo, the feather star, also known as the spirit mark.

Unfortunately, shortly after the new design was revealed, COVID-19 struck, forcing the school to close down. The Trojan’s new look was only able to appear a few times on the school’s behalf, the most recent appearance being at the Angel of the Winds Arena in February of 2020.

Who is behind the mask?

Celebrating the Trojans 78th birthday with Richele Blair through Zoom on Feburary 13th. (Joshua Amick)

While speaking with Richele Blair from student life for EvCC, I found out who is under the costume is a current student. “We want to keep the identity of the Trojan disclosed since it is a working position for student life. I can say this person is incredibly passionate about the school, very creative and in great physical shape to maintain the high energy it takes to be the Trojan.” With the school’s staff, such as William Frankhouser wearing the old design, the new design was meant to represent the school and its students.

With COVID-19 affecting the school, the Trojan has yet to showcase their new look, but the Trojan remains optimistic. “ Dear Trojan nation, your perseverance, and resilience will continue to be strong and we will get through this pandemic together. Continue to mask up, stay safe and Go Trojans!”.

It is comforting to know that the student behind the costume has a positive outlook during this difficult time and we at Everett should do the same. The Trojan is looking forward to the fall of 2021, where it hopes to be at a sporting event bringing that high energy that won the 2017 mascot of the year for the NWAC.