Black Lives Matter Protest in Downtown Everett

A Peaceful Protest Representing the Black Lives Matter Movement Was Held in Downtown Everett, Washington on Jun. 6, 2020.



Deans of EvCC were in attendance at the peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Everett on Jun. 6, 2020. They wore shirts and held signs that said “EvCC Deans For #BlackLivesMatter”.

Approximately 1,000 supporters came out to Everett on Saturday, Jun. 6, to wave signs and march for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Everett police briefly closed off all lanes of traffic at the intersection of Everett Ave. and Broadway around 3:50 p.m. to safely move the crowd west on Everett Ave. 

The planned “peaceful protest” then gathered at Everett Municipal Building where several speakers including Superior Court Judge Eric Z. Lucas, EvCC President Daria J. Willis and Edmonds School District educator Ashley Smith addressed the crowd. The march then routed back to the starting point at Everett Ave. and Broadway, where the intersection was again closed by police. Program emcee Michael Larson gave a final address to the crowd and asked everyone to go home.