21 Year Salute: A Yoga Instructor’s Parting Sequence

Elizabeth Dickson
Beverly Anderson, outside her office, retires after 21 years of teaching Yoga at EvCC.

Beverly Anderson, EvCC yoga instructor, will retire June 21, 2019. She has taught beginning and intermediate yoga for the last 21 years, since 1998. Anderson is not only a teacher but also an avid learner, who took water-colors and neurobiology courses at EvCC.

We all have different talents and skills… to figure out what that is, then to share it with the community is ideal.”

— Beverly Anderson

When asked what her favorite part of her teaching at EvCC, she said, “I love the students every quarter that I get to engage with.” She continued, “We all have different talents and skills, and then to figure out what that is, then to share it with the community is ideal.” Anderson has enjoyed sharing her love of yoga with her students and the joy they gain from it. 

Anderson has been thinking about retirement “for several years, and it just feels ripe right now, because I’ll be 65 this year.” When asked what her plans were for after retirement, she spoke of yoga retreats. She looks forward to the freedom to travel, one of her loves. She enjoys “the newness [of travel] and just being where you are and doing yoga wherever I am, and sharing it with family and friends.”

Looking forward to the new opportunities she hopes to find in retirement, Anderson says, “my decision has been extremely bittersweet.”

“This is hard to leave,” said Anderson. “But at the same time it’s exciting for someone else to come in, and I want to do yoga in a slightly different way. To be honest I want to move away from grading.” While she says she won’t miss grading her students she is “going to miss every bit of everything else.”