Players vs. Pros Comparison: EvCC Men’s Basketball

Players vs. Pros Comparison: EvCC Men's Basketball

Andrew Hines, Staff Writer

February 16, 2016

Derek Brown Jr. Player Comparison: Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder Plays with physicality and explosion Big time scorer with triple double potential   When Derek is alone on a fast break every person in the gym is awaiting a huge rim shattering dunk and that expectation defines his game. He taps into his superior athletici...

Searching the Sound

ORCA founder Ardi Kveven and student Sophia Maggio assemble a skimming device similar to a manta net.

Amy Hamilton, Staff Writer

January 25, 2016

  Are people harming the Puget Sound?   That question is exactly what inspired the research expedition of four female Everett Community College students from the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA).   This valuable ecological research would not be possible without Gary...

Strut Your Stuff: EvCC’s Annual Turkey Trot

Strut Your Stuff: EvCC's Annual Turkey Trot

Cassylee Mead, Managing Editor of Web

December 1, 2015

This year’s Turkey Trot runners featured a dean in a crop top, tail feathers and a turkey head. Turkey Trot is an annual one mile run where runners predict their time and the winners are those who predict the closest to what they run. Every year EvCC hosts the annual Turkey Trot to donate food and...

Hallo-Scream Fest: Student LIFE Hosts Costume Contest

Hallo-Scream Fest: Student LIFE Hosts Costume Contest

Katja Wahl, Staff Writer

November 5, 2015

Filled with  Zombies to the Village People, Hallo-Scream Clubfest was full of fright and fun. Starting off at 10 a.m. on Oct. 29, club tables spanned the length of parks, from the café to the student store. With candy in hand,clubs offered games such as “guess how much candy is in the jar.”While walking d...

Blast Me In the Face: When Seasonal Jobs Get Weird.

“How do you kill a zombie?” screams the trailer escort over the loudspeaker. “Shoot ‘em in the head!” Luckily these stand-in zombies are protected with motorcycle helmets…and brightly colored Mexican ponchos.

NateThomas, Staff Writer

October 8, 2015

My name is Nate, but my friends call me Nasty. For the last three years I’ve worked as a stand up comedian. I’ve been spit on, tackled, heckled, had cigarettes flicked at me, and a small protest held in my honor. And that’s just my sex life... but seriously, comedy is awesome, but it isn’t exactly...

Halifax and Back

Map Image of proposed route

Michael Rhodes, Visual Editor

September 22, 2015

Halifax Trip June 29 to Aug. 22, 2015 Mileage: 11,070 Miles Gas: 428 Gallons   “What did you do this summer” is the question students will get over and over again as we run head first back into classes this fall. But prior to the summer, my wife and I sat down and tried to design...

Answering the Question “Who am I?”

Estreya Enquist: “I guess personally, a lot of my views if I had to label them are hippie punk. I’m pretty spontaneous and freeform. I feel like people should be more open and free and not so black and white because the world isn’t black and white.”

Haylee Mann, Staff Writer

June 2, 2015

As children, most people are taught to embrace other people’s differences. We’re taught to seek understanding; to ask questions and accept answers, regardless of how strange they seem to us in the beginning; and to value the opinions and beliefs of others. The interaction of these cultures is what...

EvCC MEChA Fight for Justice in Pasco

Protestors standing outside the Franklin County Justice Cemter in Pasco.

Monica Aime Aguilera, Staff Writer

April 21, 2015

When people look at me they see brown eyes, brown hair, and brown skin. I am a female of color, more specifically I am a Latina. What does that really mean though? Ever since I got involved with the MEChA club at EvCC, I have learned a lot about who I am and what I stand for. I have learned about my...

Culture Shock is A Beautiful Thing : My Experience In Telanagana India

Visting with the children was so much fun. // Photo courtesy of Lydia Walker and Silent Images.

Rebecca Boehm, Staff Writer

February 18, 2015

India in a word is vibrant. In rural Telangana, amid dust, trash, poverty, and toils of sustenance farming, I found the most proud, beautiful, and generous people. Realizing I have enough credits to graduate but won’t transfer until fall, I decided I wanted to travel and help others during this time. I...

College with a Waterfront View: Attending Classes at EvCC’s East County Campus

Students take a math class at EvCC’s East County Campus. Many students take a combination of face to face and online classes.

Samantha Chapman, Cultures Editor

February 17, 2015

On the shores of Lake Tye, nestled between a Subway, a clothing store and a chiropractic office, in an industrial building lies the EvCC East County Campus. Right off of Highway 2 in Monroe, the campus sits in a somewhat industrial area of town. From the outside, the campus does not look like the normal...

ORCA Makes a Splash With Dedication of New Boat

ORCA's new boat, sitting at the Everett waterfront.

Nathaniel Lynch, Visuals Editor

December 2, 2014

On Nov. 22 the ORCA program officially launched their brand new boat. The 36-foot vessel was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, and was custom designed to meet the exact needs of the ORCA program.  The Director of ORCA, Ardi Kveven, is very excited what this boat will provide for ...

The Sustainability Initiative Aims to Turn EvCC Green

Shuksan and the new grass field, site of the former Index building, seen from the rooftop of Whitehorse Hall.

Stephanie Davey, Staff Writer

November 10, 2014

Don’t feel bad about printing projects on campus, it’s helping keep EvCC sustainable. All printer paper is 100% recycled and the green window on every computer screen gives students a quota for how much paper they use each quarter. These are projects of EvCC’s sustainability initiative. Molly Beeman, EvCC’s r...