Hearts on Sleeves

A side view of the clothesline in Parks Union. Chapman oversaw the event, and the most challenging ordeal she faced was actually hanging up the shirts. “It’s very heartbreaking, seeing the stories on the shirts. But that message needs to be spread.”
The Clothesline Project supplies both
October 27, 2016

Patricia D. was shot by her son. This was one of the countless stories of domestic violence that hung on a clothesline in Parks Union for the National Week of Action in October. The event was part of...

Election 2016

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, is shown here at one of his rallies, which are infamous for the unscripted speeches that accompany them.
EvCC Students Weigh In
October 11, 2016

The 2016 Presidential election has been a whirlwind of shocking media headlines, intense debates and an extensive exchange of verbal jabs between candidates. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate,...

Faculty Member Saves Students Thousands

Bow Tie Day, Mike Nevins and members of the tutorial staff, from left to right.  Mike Nevins professor, Ho Tin Li student tutor, Chase Waldo peer tutor, Jerry Weibel Professor and tutor, bottom row David Adams student, Eric Nitardy staff tutor, Candace Ronhaar staff tutor, Jon Woods Professor tutor.
October 11, 2016

Mike Nevins, a nine-year math professor at EvCC is responsible for students saving money on textbooks, along with Professor David Littman of Pierce College.   Littman was funded by the State...

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
October 11, 2016

It’s been a fantastic start to the year for The Clipper team. I am excited to see where this year will take us and what we will learn. The day before school started, we hired student Brooke Robbinson...

What are you going to college for?

October 11, 2016

These are all common answers you would hear when asking your classmates what they are doing at EvCC: “I just want to make more money”, “my parents are making me go to college”, “I don’t know...

From Homeless to Hope

”I really love Housing Hope and their mission and values, and the work they do in this community is pretty awesome,” Jorgensen said. “They have this ballistic approach to helping a family. Not just the parent, not just the child. The entire family. They’re setting them up for success and with an outlook on the generations to come. So not just now, today, but for the future.”
EvCC Student Journeys to Success
May 31, 2016

She wanted to be a lawyer. But at the age of 15, she became pregnant with her first son. Six years later she was addicted to meth and was homeless. Now, she’s making her comeback. Meet Kristina...

Nathaniel Hebert: Tiny House Master

Putting up the walls took Hebert about  a few days.
May 31, 2016

Not only is Nathaniel Hebert graduating this quarter with a degree on Plastics and Composite Engineering. He is also finishing up building his very own “tiny green house.” This adventure started...

A Note from the Graduating Class

Katie Ellis, an EvCC graduate, says has been a lifesaver for her over her time at EvCC.
Advice to Future Trojans
May 31, 2016

Dear freshman class and incoming students, This is your time, your time to learn, to grow, to make this school your’s. We are approaching a new era in EvCC history, our sophomores are about to graduate...

Michelle Geiszler

Michelle Geiszler’s senior picture for Cascade High School, she will be receiving her high school diploma as well as an associate degree from EvCC.
EvCC Honors Graduate
May 30, 2016

Home school to Sequoia High School to Cascade High School and now finally to EvCC, Michelle Geiszler is graduating with honors at 18 years old. Geiszler enrolled at EvCC as a Running Start student,...

EvCC’s Student Nursing Organization Volunteers Abroad

No patient is turned away when EvCC Nursing students provide care. Sheets are used to create partitioned make-shift exam rooms where families of five are examined and treated with the medical treatment each individual requires.
May 30, 2016

EvCC Nursing student Robin Cully remembers the exact words he spoke last year as he examined fifty families a day in the more impoverished regions of the Dominican Republic: “What brings you...

Son of a Survivor

“We were scared because we knew life would no longer be the same,” Friedman described how Jews felt when German forces entered Austria.
Holocaust Survivor Forum at EvCC
May 5, 2016

No. 325. That was what Herbert Friedman wore around his neck aboard the Kindertransport, one of the ten trains that transported about 10,000 Jewish children to the United Kingdom. Ron Friedman, son...

Executive Vice President of Instruction Resigns

What Does this Mean for You?
May 5, 2016

Alison Stevens, the executive vice president of instruction and student services at EvCC is resigning. Stevens supervises all faculty, staff and administrators. “In my words, I’m responsible...

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