Upcoming Projects to Alleviate Snohomish County Traffic

US2 project map highlights areas in which construction will take place.

Rebecca Duffy, Staff Writer

May 1, 2019

Solutions to traffic congestion on I-5 and other problem areas are in the works here in Snohomish County. Roads will be made safer and bumper-to-bumper traffic will become less of a daily struggle for local commuters when road work is finished. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation c...

More Housing in the Neighborhood… Maybe

The lot where Lilly’s Garden once stood, now the future lot of apartment building, “Koz on North Broadway.”

Katina Brown, Staff Writer

March 13, 2019

  New affordable housing is coming to the neighborhood and will be built very close to EvCC campus and EvCC does not support the project as it could potentially lose students from their two dorms, Cedar and Mountain View Hall. The building will replace the old Lilly’s Garden restaurant on...

How Local Cities Handled Snow Removal

EvCC groundskeepers plow snow in various parking lots around EvCC on Wednesday, February 13.

Adrienne Plummer, Staff Writer

February 13, 2019

Seattle and surrounding areas were warned about an incoming winter storm over the weekend. Leading up to the weekend grocery stores were raided by concerned customers, leaving their shelves barren. But why is everyone so worried? Will the snow storm really prevent travel for more than a day? Four to...

Dick’s Drive-In Celebrates 65 Years: A Photojournalist’s Experience

Dick's Drive-In celebrated it's 65 birthday on Tues. Jan. 29.

Simon Krane, Staff Photographer

January 30, 2019

Name: Dick’s.  Age: 65 years old. Appearance: As slovenly and as edible as any fast food. Hey now, Dick’s is a national Seattle chain with great food. And great at making a basic burger for the masses.  Simon Krane At a pretty good price, too. And Jan. 29 was a specially-priced day as...

PNW Outdoors: Heybrook Lookout

The view from the top of Heybrook Lookout, overlooking the trees and surrounding mountains.

Pamela Alarcon, Staff Writer

January 29, 2019

The Pacific Northwest has many great hikes to offer students during any season whether there is sunshine or snow. One trail that is rated as a beginners level hike according to hike-finder is the Heybrook Lookout trail. Depending on traffic conditions, it’s about an hour from EvCC....

PNW Outdoors: Smith Island

Everett Rowing Association’s warehouse, located on Smith Island

Pamela Alarcon, Staff Writer

November 29, 2018

Less than 15 minutes away from EvCC is Smith Island. It's a small island between Everett and Marysville. The island is easily overlooked for anything beyond its factories and boat storage. In addition to the factories and boat storage that is visible from Interstate 5 it houses an animal shelter, a p...

PNW Outdoors: Howarth Park

View of the Puget Sound from the middle level lookout of Howarth Park.

Pamela Alarcon, Staff Writer

October 31, 2018

With midterms coming, EvCC students may be looking for a place to take a minute to disconnect from social media and have some time to themselves. Howarth Park is about a 15 minute drive from EvCC where there is a spectacular view of the Puget Sound. Howarth Park is a three-level, dog friendly park with trails con...