A March on Campus: Solidarity and Pride for Indigenous Peoples


Simon Krane

Josh Fryberg (left) and Bradley Althoff (right) play drums during the Indigenous Peoples March on Jan. 17

Students of EvCC, members of the community and representatives from local tribes marched on campus on Jan. 17 to honor all Native American tribes. Participants marched around campus, showing solidarity and pride through native songs. After the march, the crowd gathered to hear from guest speakers about what the community can do to support indigenous peoples.  

The march began at the Universal Totem near Olympus Hall, progressed past Parks Student Union, down to Liberty Hall and ended back in the Parks Student Union for a closing ceremony. Three guest speakers, Pamela Bond, Mathew War Bonnet and Paula Three Stars, spoke during the ceremony.

Simon Krane
Guest speaker, Pamela Bond, shares her insights on sustainability during the closing ceremony.

Pamela Bond explained how being sustainable can support local tribes, emploring students wishing to help to “Support your local tribes when they are fighting against coal and fossil fuel.” She said, “If you want to stop fossil fuel, you can do it in small ways. A thousand people not using plastic bags. A thousand people not drinking and providing an industry for bottled water. A thousand people not drinking their soda pop in plastic.”

We are trying to create more unity in the community and awareness for indigenous people, especially indigenous women.”

— Josh Fryberg



However, sustainability was not the only focus of the event. Josh Fryberg, a participant in the march, said, “We are trying to create more unity in the community and awareness for indigenous people, especially indigenous women.”

The event was presented by EvCC’s Diversity and Equity Center and Student LIFE. The coordinators of the event were Student Diversity and Equity Coordinator, Bradley Althoff, and Diversity and Engagement Coordinator, Anna Orozco.

A new space will be opening on campus for Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander students. The designated space will be in Monte Cristo 221. Students are invited to celebrate the opening of the new space on Thursday, Jan. 31 from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information, visit everettcc.edu/Diversity.

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