Artist Spotlight

Q&A with Brandon Larson, second-year photography student at EvCC.

The Clipper’s Managing Editor of Visuals, Stacie McCartan, conducts a Q & A with Brandon Larson, a second-year photography student at EvCC.

SM: What do you want the readers to know about you and your art?

BL: I love to be creative and experiment with different ways to capture photographs. Traveling and hiking are my passions and I always have a camera in my hand wherever I go. I strive to capture photographs that grab the attention of my viewer. Photography has offered me a different way to view the world, and each day I have a strong desire to learn new techniques that advance my skills in photography.


SM: What sparked your interest in nature/ landscape photography?

BL: I became interested in nature/landscape photography because I want to show my love for the outdoors. As a frequent hiker, I am always looking for new mountains to climb and new goals to set.

Shooting landscapes has opened my eyes to be able to view the world in ways other people wouldn’t. The past year I have watched the northern lights dance over my head in Washington, star-gazed in the middle of the night while taking photos of the milky way, and been on many different adventures and have had amazing experiences on my adventures that I wouldn’t trade anything for.


SM: What made you decide to enroll in the photography program at EVCC?

BL: I decided to enroll in the photography program at EVCC because I wanted to expand my knowledge and skill set in photography. While I have been taking photography classes at EVCC, I have definitely taken a huge step towards my goals with photography.

While I am starting the Fall quarter at Evcc as a second-year photo student, the photo program has built me into a more comfortable and successful photographer. As a photo student, I have become very familiar with photoshop the last few quarters, which is such a powerful application and my knowledge about the program will increase my chances of getting into a successful career.


SM: Who inspires you? Do you have a favorite photographer/ artist?

BL: My favorite photographer is Chris Burkard. Everything about his photography inspires me. He is constantly traveling around the world and capturing breathtaking photographs. I strongly believe that Chris’s nature photography rises from the rest. He uses great composition in his photographs and the way he uses natural light is simply stunning. He definitely stands out from the rest of the nature photographers, and his constant drive and motivation are the reasons why he is so successful today.


SM: What are your plans after graduation from EVCC?

BL: After I graduate from EVCC, I plan to make photography into a career. As of right now, I work a full-time job, attend college half-time and do a lot of freelance photography work on the side. When I graduate I plan on landing a successful photography job.

It is my goal to become a travel photographer, whether I am working for National Geographic or selling prints to fund my adventures, I know I want to travel to unique destinations around the world and share my experiences by taking photographs. I strongly believe that with my portfolio of work and knowledge in photography, I will be able to accomplish any goal I set.


To see more of Larson’s work, click through the slideshow below.  Find him on Facebook here or on Patreon here.