Listen Up! A Review: Bea Miller’s “Chapter One: Blue”

From X-Factor’s top 10 to signed artist and actress- Bea Miller does it all. At the young age of 18, Miller has done far more than the average girl her age. In total, she has been in or a part of 16 shows, movies and shorts. She’s also released five albums and EP’s- one of which is a set of remixes. This all seems mighty impressive, and to add to it, she has won a Teen Choice award and a Radio Disney Music award.

Miller’s latest release is an EP titled “Chapter One: Blue” which was officially available to the public as of Feb 24, 2017.

A mix of upbeat alternative-style pop and every emotion surrounding the idea of love is the core of this EP. One of the songs, “Song Like You”, shares the emotion of betrayal that clouds your head from the truth. Lyrics such as “a song like you would never tell the truth” and “I play it every night” show this. For someone who has been there, I feel for you. I was there and boy, I wish I had this song to help me get through it.

The other two songs on this EP cover other emotions in the process of letting someone go, such as regret, remembrance and anger. A line from “Burning Bridges” says “I don’t know why I stick around to watch you burn our bridges down” hits so many heart strings in all the right, and wrong, ways.

Overall, this EP is great for anyone going through a rough breakup, a big crush on that person you can’t have or even just a bad day. Miller’s deep voice and strong meaningful lyrics have earned this EP a whopping 4.5 out of 5 stars.