Lasting Legacy

Esther Moss


Courtesy Photo

Esther Moss at EvCC Graduation

Esther Moss, a member of EvCC’s Diversity and Equity Center, made everyone feel welcome on campus. She always gave hugs to those in need and her enthusiasm for helping people made a lasting impact on students. She never left questions unanswered, always going out of her own way to help others. “She was very warm and welcoming,” EvCC student Ana Gutierrez said.

Esther passed away on Feb 5, 2017. Sufayatu Issaka, EvCC student, said “she was like our mother.” She inspired many EvCC students and her legacy still continues. Issaka went on to say that “she was a very vibrant person.” Her drive to make the campus a better place won’t be forgotten by all those who knew her.