“Dogs are Aliens” and this Album is Out of this World

Dogs are Aliens, claims Ings on their latest EP. Ings is lullaby rock band from Seattle, Washington. Ing’s EP, “Dog Physics” is a mix of beautiful and hypnotizing vocals with melodies that are fresh and contemporary.


They feature glorious vocals, intricate acoustic and electric guitar, bass, upbeat ukulele, bells, and piano.


Inge Chiles is the vocalist that writes and arranges all the music. She plays acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells and piano.


The EP, “Dog Physics” was released Oct. 22, 2013, but Ings is planning on releasing a new album early this year.


The song “SoND” opens the EP with a bright and upbeat feel. This track repeats the message, “periods of darkness are followed by light”, which reminds me of Florence and Machine’s lyric in Shake it Out, “it’s always darkest before the dawn” an extremely positive thought. Check out the music video at ingsyeah.com.


“Bird Years” follows, which is an upbeat tune. This track has Ingrid Michelson feel to me, but still keeps a modern and fresh aura.


“Sleepy Blinking” is the middle track. This track keeps with the upbeat happy feel the album has, but adds a pinch of a new style reminiscent of world music. This track is beautifully done and is one of my top Ings songs.


The next track is named “Dogs are Aliens.” Such an odd, but awesome name. This track starts out slow and then goes into the bubbly ukulele rhythm that sings, “dogs are really friendly aliens”. It’s a weird track, but my favorite of Ings for such creativity and a beautiful melody.


“Hi-Fi” is next on the EP. It is a soft and slow love song that features less complicated instrumentals that showcase Chiles voice.


“Dog Physics” – great way to end the EP it continues with the upbeat and dreamy feel that encompasses Ings. Also has a catchy chorus that has you thinking about your dog taking your physics class.


Overall, Ings is a great study session tune or for some relaxing afternoon vibes. Check them out on their band camp at ings.bandcamp.com.