New Student Housing: Breaking Ground

Sergio Huacuja, Staff Writer


In the fall of 2016, an $11 million dormitory will be a choice of housing for EvCC students.

EvCC has partnered up with Kōz Development of Snohomish County to build new student dorms right across from the school, behind the new Starbucks on the corner of Broadway.

Kōz Development,will build an $11 million, six-story building that will  house 120 students in single-occupancy furnished rooms. All the rooms cost the same to rent. Right now the prices of the dorms remain unannounced. “The great thing about our price once we’re able to release it, is that is all inclusive. It covers all utilities, furniture, wireless internet, which is really great for our student’s, versus not having to go out and contact those services through a variety of vendors,” said Lea Wasson, Director of Housing at EvCC.

The building will also have a laundry room, an outside courtyard, and a place for students to gather which includes a roof top gathering.

The new housing complex will have five resident assistant’s living in the complex, those assistant’s will plan events, plan programs and make sure students are happy and safe.

Kōz Development broke ground on Oct. 22, 2015 at 1:30 p.m.

EvCC’s goals for building a new student housing are to increase the number of international students as well as students who want to live near campus. “We ran out of space, there’s only 36 spaces available in Luna Vista (current student housing) it has a 50% waitlist,” said Jennifer Rhodes, Associate Dean of Student Life.

Student housing has been a high demand, many students are happy with the new complex that’s being built, “It’s a good thing because there is a lot of students that move from out of state like International students as well as others who want to live near campus,” said Teneal Thomas, EvCC student.

“I think this new project will benefit both International students as well as residents. The housing is next to campus therefore (there could be)  more engaged activities and maybe more clubs on campus,” said  Monica Fonseca, EvCC student.

EvCC does not own the property or the building. EvCC is on a lease with Kōz Development Inc. The current student housing, Luna Vista is owned by a Developer as well.  Applications for the new housing will open up during Winter Quarter of 2016.

EvCC hopes that with building a new housing complex it will add a new experience to the college.  Vice President of College Services Patrick Sisneros said,“it will add more student activities and different types of cultures.”