Diversity and Equity Center Welcomes Omar Marquez


Diana Pinon

Omar Marquez (right) with student Segio Jose Barrera (left) scheduling a meeting. // Diana Pinon

Diana Pinon, Staff Writer

Everett Community College welcomes new Diversity and Equity Center Program Manager, Omar Marquez. Marquez has been working on campus since the beginning of September, and has been to adapting to the Trojan life since.

Marquez’s family lured him into moving to this area about a year ago. While looking for a job he saw the opening of a position at the Diversity and Equity Center and he didn’t hesitate to apply. Since the moment he stepped on campus for his interview, he knew that this was the place to be. “It felt comfortable, it felt like a place to be proud to work at,” stated Marquez.

As Program Manager, Marquez has to juggle his time in between projects. Two of the biggest programs he will be a part of are the DREAMERs Success Project, this program is pretty new here at EvCC, and is designed to help dreamer students succeed in college. Marquez will also participate with the AmeriCorps program, which allows college students to mentor and tutor middle school students and high school students from around the Everett/Marysville area.

Marquez also wants to reach out to the rest of Trojans who may not necessarily are involved in his projects. “My office is always open to individuals needing an ear, needing some advice, or just to say hello.” This is Marquez’ first time working with community college students, however, he has a sense of what it is  to work with undocumented students, students of color, first generation students and low income students. His main goal this academic year is to create community among the students and gain their trust along with helping the future generations be successful whether is here at EvCC or elsewhere.

Monica Fonseca, an EvCC second year student said, “I personally introduced myself to Omar, because I knew he was our new Program manager, he is a very charismatic, organized, and capable person. He has offered me his help whenever I need it.” Fonseca doesn’t want Trojans to forget that Marquez is bilingual, and encourages Spanish speakers to reach out to him. “I’ve seen him helping people around campus in Spanish.”

Another student who was introduced to Marquez is Ruben Valdillez. Prior the beginning of the quarter, Valdillez had a meeting with Marquez to get a preview of what was to come in the next year for MEChA. “So far he has given me and the MEChA officers a good connection with the Diversity and Equity Center, also a helpful hand for future tasks.”

Even though Marquez has been on this campus for only a couple weeks, he’s been loving life at EvCC. The things he loves to the most about it is how welcoming the student?  He has been very impressed to see students already coming to school with goals in mind and a sense of direction, and that they understand what they need to do in order to get there. Marquez also enjoys working along with his co-workers which as he states “they help you grow.”

Lastly, Marquez loves campus “In my previous job, I would go around many college tours across the country … there’s always something to be said about the way a campus looks … EvCC on what I have seen compares itself to a small university, as you walk around you can feel the sense of pride .. Good things happen here.”

At the end of the day, students such as Edith Guzman are glad to see Marquez working for EvCC. She said, “I am really excited to see what this year holds. He brings a new set of lens to the table.”