Tomorrowland Brings Visions of Hope For The Future

One of the pins that gives the chosen ones a vision of Tommorowland.

Nathaniel Lynch

One of the pins that gives the chosen ones a vision of Tommorowland.

Nathaniel Lynch, Visuals Editor

Tomorrowland is one of those rare original films to come out of Hollywood in the past couple of years. I went into the theater not knowing what to except, having only seen random photographs of boxes from the Disney archives and confusing description released online. I was very impressed by the film it focuses on characters and plot more so then big action scenes, something I appreciate in movies. Tomorrowland has a bold premise of a place built by all of the geniuses and artist of our world as the perfect utopia. That concept is inspired by Walt Disney original dreams for EPCOT, or the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The films surprising main character is Athena a young girl sent out from Tomorrowland to recruit unique individuals to work in Tomorrowland. This is where we meet Casey, the focus of all of the pre release footage, who finds a pin that gives her visions of Tomorrowland. She then sets out on a journey to figure out where this place is, and with the help of George Clooneys character Frank a former genius of Tomorrowland end up on a adventure that saves our planet as well as Tomorrowland.

The visuals of this movie are stunning, the futuristic city of Tomorrowland is spectacular to look at and anytime its on screen is a treat. There is some great action scenes as well when Casey and Frank are being chased down. There are many pleasant surprises through the movie, connecting to events in Disney history through the 1964 Worlds Fair and the history of our world through known inventors and creative types such as Nikola Tesla and Jules Verne.

Tomorrowland is not a typical movie that is popular these days, so with that it will not appeal to everyone. Itʼs not incredibly fast paced with tons of explosions, but it is
a heart felt journey with characters

that you actually care about and leaves you with a feeling of hope even though it’s just a movie. I would definately recommend watching this movie, and who knows you might be surprised by it.