TAB hosts Back from Break & Brushes Event

Students relax in between classes painting and socializing.


Rob Ziegler

The students all paint in the halls of the Parks Student Union building. TAB hosted the Break&Brushes event for students.

EvCC is currently in its 4th week of the Winter quarter. With 3.5 weeks gone by already, it’s paramount that students can recoup occasionally during the school year. The Trojan Activities Board or “TAB” hosted their first de-stress activity of the year called: Back from Break & Brushes.

Located in the Parks Student Union Cafe, static sounds of brushes sweeping on the canvas fabric and the sounds of students’ voices rattled on through a lively, yet calm cafe. Darya Chhuon who is the TAB coordinator took the lead on this event. “Painting whatever comes to mind and enjoying the process,” said Chhuon.

This event helped students out in different ways. For EvCC students like Jocelyne Martinez and Amour Cooper, it’s nice for them, especially after a 2hr lecture. “I like how chill it is,” says Martinez in response to the atmosphere of the event. People de-stress in different ways, “I like to read and listen to music,” says Cooper.

Sometimes, there’s a significant meaning behind a painting/picture. Cooper shared some thoughts on her painting. “I’m doing a landscape, I like painting landscapes,”. For Martinez, it was a little different. “The vibe I’m going for is 2000 nostalgia. It reminds me of my mom when I was a kid,” says Martinez.

According to the EvCC website, there will be more events throughout the year hosted by TAB. Students can learn, meet and make new friends and above all, have fun.