Diversity on the Job


MLK I Have A Dream and Everett Trojan banner in the Diversity and Equity Center (Courtesy of EvCC)

Established in 2016 at Everett Community College (EvCC), the Diversity and Equity Center aspires to promote social justice. The D&E Center provides students with one-on-one student services, work study, volunteer and student job opportunities with the hopes of student success through culture change and community engagement

Sometimes you need to hear different ideas and opinions from a different person’s perspective. Nicholas Wiley who is a first year student at EvCC, shared his own thoughts about the Diversity and Equity Center. “The people that work at the D&E Center, help you no matter what, they vouch for all the students that go through their building,” said Wiley.

Nicholas Wiley in the Diversity and Equity Center(Courtesy of Nicholas Wiley and EvCC)

Wiley was involved in a club when met program specialist DeLon Lewis, who then introduced him to the D&E Center. Lewis has been a program specialist at the Diversity & Equity center for three years.

Lewis’ main motivation for joining the staff was to mentor and teach black students. “Racial equality is very important to me. I liked the culture that EvCC was building with the D&E Center, and the program has a lot of benefits for students,” said Lewis. 

The D&E Center has multiple resources to try and help students, it doesn’t matter if your community is underrepresented or not. “I want to make sure students have the resources they need to be successful in school,” said Lewis. “Working with other people and different cultures helped him personally learn more about the world that we live in today, and how we have so many diverse people that walk this earth.” 

Wiley’s friend Marquell was struggling with a teacher in his class, so he went to Lewis for help. “Going to the Diversity and Equity Center helped me meet new people, find my identity and gain confidence in my speech. You just gotta stick with it no matter what, there is someone there to help,” says Wiley.

Diversity and Equity Center Image (Courtesy of EvCC)

The Diversity & Equity Center allows you to meet new people and learn about different cultures, which is a solid starting point for both current and future students at EvCC. All are welcome and encouraged in the Diversity and Equity Center. 

Additional Information.

The Diversity and Equity Center is open on campus Monday-Friday, located at Parks Student Union, 3rd Floor. Room 308.

For more information, please call (425-388-9306) or email them at [email protected]. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram @EvCCDiversityandEquity.