2020-21 End of Sports Season Recap


Courtesy Photo from Daniel Acosta.

Coach Cheryl Sorenson (white) in a pre-game huddle before tip off of the first game of the season at Peninsula CC on April 3, 2021. EvCC won 48-43.

After a whole year of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and having to postpone sports until the spring, the 2020-21 sport season has finally come to an end. With COVID-19 tests, frequent changes in the size of group trainings, mask mandates and canceled games, four teams ended with winning records

Here is an update on different athletes and their decisions for next year, as some have chosen to return next year while others will be moving on.

Below are perspectives from coaches, a player, and the athletic director on the positives and negatives of the 2020-21 season and their takeaways.

What were the highs and lows for the team and as a coach? 

Women’s head volleyball coach Whitney Williams said, “One thing we are really proud of … is the team culture we created in a very short period of time. During our last practice, we each discussed our highlight of the season. Each highlight shared was evidence of the relationships and unity that were created during a really challenging time. Practices were an escape from the hard things and a safe space for our players.”

“The biggest benefit of being able to practice and play has been the mental health and community feeling,” women’s co-head coach Cheryl Sorenson said. “Without a tribe or team, lows seem lower and highs don’t feel so high.  Going into the season, we mentally prepared to just practice and feel blessed if we got to compete.  That mentality helped us navigate several game cancellations.”

Head men’s basketball coach Mike Trautman discussing tactics during a game against Edmonds CC on May 15, 2021. EvCC defeated Edmonds winning 115-87.

Men’s basketball head coach Mike Trautman was very pleased with his players’ performances on and off the court during this season. “Overall, we had a very productive season.  I was proud of the players for sticking it out. The guys were here in fall for workouts and in late May and still playing two or three games a week. The high point for me was our overall team GPA of 3.22.  It just shows the character of our team and our willingness to get it done in the classroom.” 

What are the takeaways from the circumstances that players and coaches had to deal with? 

Brycen Dillworth, one of two basketball captains, said that one of his takeaways from this season was that the team couldn’t take any game for granted. “Every game should be played as hard as you can play, because in just seconds your season can be taken away from one positive test.”

Head track and field and cross country coach Julian Bardwell said, “The athletes had to be very headstrong. There were a few instances where meets were canceled the day before competition due to positive tests or government phase regulations. As a competitor, that’s pretty tough mentally because you’ve spent countless hours training and want something to show for it.”

What are players, coaches and the athletic director looking forward to this summer and next school year?

Dillworth said that he is looking forward to continuing his development as a basketball player in the offseason so that he can make an impact on the court again next season. He is excited for the NWAC tournament and having a chance for the team to win a ring, while also meeting the new additions who will help the team win games.  

Freshman point guard Brycen Dillworth shooting the ball against Peninsula CC on May 26, 2021. EvCC won 74-72. (Courtesy Photo from Daniel Acosta.)

Sorenson said, “I am excited to have an off-season to work on skill development, strength and conditioning and to work together with the student-athletes to put a plan in place that enables them to get to their next chapter.”

“I am looking forward to hitting the reset button,” Studer said. “We are already starting to plan for fall of 2021 with scheduling of games and planning as if we will have a ‘normal’ year in terms of season length, lightened travel restrictions and postseason play.  All of that is to be determined, but if this year has taught us nothing else it’s that we can be flexible, we can control what is within our control and we can make the most of the opportunities given to us.”