City Worker Safety in the City of Everett

How the city of Everett has adjusted safety precautions for essential city workers.


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Masks and gloves are being provided to many essential city workers in Everett as protective gear from COVID-19.

Snohomish County has recently moved into Phase Two, which means that the pandemic has cooled, but the risk is still there. Many people are still out of work or working from home, and businesses are limited 50% capacity or less, some still yet to open. With all of this happening, city workers have still been called out to the job. 

Some changes have been made by the City of Everett in response to the pandemic. Masks and gloves are being provided, workers are staying home unless required and additional training is being administered via online networking. “As new guidance is developed it is emailed to all employees, and also posted to our internal employee website,” Said Kimberly Cline, Director of Communications for the City of Everett, “Regarding training: yes. All Staff have been asked to participate in a training called “COVID-19 All Staff Training.” It is an online training that provides an overview of safe work practices employees should follow at the workplace. The training includes guidance on physical distancing,” said Cline. 

“We are telecommuting and when we do have to go into the office, we use safety protocols – sanitizing, distancing.  We have alternating days to go to the office,” said Eileen Hinkley, Code Enforcement Supervisor for the City of Everett. Code Enforcement can be doing anything from ticketing an improperly parked car to taking statements. When Code Enforcement is out in the field they may have to talk to people, and having masks and gloves is extremely important in that case. 

Code Enforcement hearings are available via Phone, Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet as well. There are instructions halfway down the page with headings in yellow text on the Code Enforcement City Page: 

When asked if Hinkley has been provided masks and gloves to use while working, she said yes. She also isn’t aware of anything else her department should be doing to keep her and her coworkers safer. 

Cline explained that surgical masks have been provided for workers to use. “We have been adapting work practices to align with recommendations provided by Washington’s Dept. of Labor and Industries, Center for Disease Control & Prevention, and state and local health departments, among others,” said Cline. 

In addition, Julio Cortes, Senior Communications Officer for the city of Everett said “The City provided surgical masks to staff.” When asked if the department could do anything else to keep people safe, Cortes shared that he believes his department is doing a great job. “Most of us are working remotely and have been able to continue to meet via online programs,” said Cortes. 

Regarding regulation changes, Cortes explained that they have been following the directions from the State, the Snohomish Health District and other entities to release best practices.

Everett Police have been spread thin over the last few months. Because of this, they have opened up an email to report Covid-19 related violations. According to their website, “Everett Police reminds the public not to call 911 to report violations of the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, social distancing violations, or individuals outside of their homes. 911 must be reserved for those needing immediate emergency assistance.

Everett residents may report concerns by email to [email protected]

(NOTE: Submitted complaints and messages are subject to public disclosure requests.)  

Another place staying closed is the Everett Library. However, they still offer digital services and resources for home use. To apply for a digital library card or to check out what content you can access from home, go to or email them at [email protected] 

The Everett public library has been available to help with online resources while closed during the pandemic. (

For updates on the pandemic, visit the City of Everett’s website at