Boating Season is Here and the Port of Everett is Open

The Port of Everett is open for boating season, with some new guidelines put in place to ensure public safety.


Kyle Ogle

Several boats being launched follow the rule of one per dock and of maintaining a 6-ft distance.

As you drive North or South on I-5 it’s hard to miss all of the open water and boatyards that help define an important part of Everett’s culture, boating and watercraft. With all of the new rules being implemented to stay safe during the pandemic, what’s allowed can get confusing. This is especially true for boaters, a hobby that seemingly doesn’t involve anyone else and is about being with a small group of people isolated on the expanse of the ocean. 

The trouble lies at the Port of Everett Marina (POE) docks, where people could come into close contact either landing, launching, or refueling. “Crowding has not been a concern. The Port of Everett Marina is the largest public marina on the West Coast,” said Jeff Lindhout, Chief of Marina Operations at The Port of Everett.  “The boat launch is the largest launch facility in the state. The expansiveness of our facilities allows folks to spread out and responsibly keep their distance.”

Joel Bergen with his boat ‘Ellie’, which he made at home nearly ten years ago. (Kyle Ogle)

Everett resident Joel Bergen regularly uses the POE to launch his sailboat ‘Ellie’. Bergen built his boat by hand nearly ten years ago. When asked about how the POE was handling safety during the pandemic, he replied “I feel there is plenty of space to safely prepare and launch boats at the Port of Everett launch.  I have launched there several times in the last couple weeks.” Bergen believes the boaters all appear to be maintaining a safe distance from one another. “Boaters also appear to be following the “launch one boat at a time” recommendation. I think that boating is, and will remain safe so long as boaters continue to remain cautious.”

The POE has made many changes to keep people safe during the COVID-19 crisis and are being extremely cognizant of the situation. “We have modified some of our marina services to better meet public health guidance and continue to monitor these service levels for any changes that may be needed.” said Lindhout in an email. 

The Chief of Marina Operations is anticipating their fuel dock to be an area of congestion once the weather gets warmer. Some of the changes made to keep people safe include; only accepting credit card payment, asking boaters to wait in their vessel until the pump is ready, continuing to maintain a 6-foot distance and being patient when the fuel dock is busy. 

Empty trailers parked at the Port from boaters who are already out on the water. (Kyle OGle)

While boating, the POE is working hard under these new conditions to keep boating safe, the Port also is home to several restaurants and ferry access to Jetty Island. “Jetty Island remains open for responsible public use daily, like all of the Port’s trails and open spaces. In the off season, the island is only accessible by boat or personal watercraft … Our hope is that we are able to maintain some level of the program if and when it is determined safe to do so,” said Lindhout. Updates about Jetty Island can be found on POE website. 

Lindhout explained how happy he is that the waterfront restaurants are still open for business. “We are happy to report that even in these uncertain times, the waterfront restaurants at the Port of Everett are all still open for business under modified operations…” To find out more details on waterfront dining options click here. 

When asked if there’s anything that boaters should do to be safe on the docks or on the water, Lindhout replied, “During this ever-changing time, it’s important that outdoor recreators, including boating and fishing enthusiasts, take it upon themselves to stay up to date on the latest guidance by the Governor and public health officials as is relates to COVID-19 and these activities. We know boaters are eager to get back out on the water, but it is also important to be prepared and educated in boating and water safety.”

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