An Artist in Quarantine

A selfie of EvCC student and artist, Fiona Bowen, taken in her home during quarantine.

Melody Ripsom, Staff Writer

May 21, 2020

Fiona Bowen was featured last November for The Clipper's "Artist Spotlight", and since the implementation of the Washington state “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, she still finds ways to channel her creativity. Before spring quarter, Bowen and her step-mother began making facial coverings. “Th...

Artist Spotlight Q&A: Gweneth Henrie

Gweneth Henrie, a Running Start student at EvCC, has been interested in art since a young age.

Jacob Dickson, Assistant Editor

February 24, 2020

EvCC art student Gweneth Henrie has enjoyed making art from a young age, but in recent years has become more serious about her work. At the age of 17, Henrie is in the Running Start program and an EvCC Honors student who will be graduating this spring before going on to a four year university to continue e...

Artist Spotlight: Q&A with Jack Rosadiuk

Jack Rosadiuk, an EvCC art student, enjoys the college's diversity and creative minds.

Helene Martin, Managing Editor of Print

November 27, 2019

Jack Rosadiuk, a member of EvCC’s studio art program, specializes in digital art and has a passion for creating creature concept designs. Rosadiuk enjoys EvCC’s creative environment and hopes to inspire others with his eccentric work. At what age did you know you wanted to be an artist? Since I w...

Artist Spotlight: Student Musician

Rebecca Robinson (Killinsworth), sports a spiked collar choker and a heart-shaped padlock necklace to express her edgy style.

Daniel Albert, Editor-in-Chief

November 5, 2019

Sitting there in her neon-pink pumps, a spike collar choker and a heart shaped padlock necklace, 18-year-old EvCC student Rebecca Robinson projected confidence. To some people her style might be a little different, but for Robinson, it's a way to express herself. Two years ago, Robinson saw something...