7 Tips for a Successful First Year in College

Sona Porter, Staff Writer

October 8, 2018

The first year of college can be an exhilarating moment, full of anticipation and eagerness. For some, it can be an overwhelming experience especially if one has no idea of where to begin. Students of EvCC who have successfully completed their first year of college shared some helpful hints.   ...

Patriotic Man in Everett, WA (Video)

Patriotic Man in Everett, WA (Video)

Joshua Petersen, Guest Writer

June 11, 2018

Samiu Bloomfield is one of the most famous but least known locals of downtown Everett. He sets up every morning on the corner of Broadway and Everett Avenue and expresses his patriotism. Some passersby see him every morning as they go to work, and the intersection is always lit up with honking when he's...

AMTEC: EvCC’s Hidden Gem

AMTEC: EvCC’s Hidden Gem

Lauren Hastings, Staff Writer

June 6, 2018

EvCC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training & Education Center, better known as AMTEC, is a state of the art facility that readies students for work in their chosen industry. It works alongside Washington universities with the latest manufacturing technology. Donated materials and support from industrial...

See My Voice: A Deaf Perspective (Video)

Deaf EvCC students Kendra Omath (left) and Aspen Carbajal (right) sign to each other in conversation.

Julia Smiljanic, Staff Writer

May 30, 2018

In the front of the classroom, near the instructor and the board sits an interpreter, transforming the instructor’s lesson into sign language. This is the classroom experience for Everett Community College students like Kendra Omoth, 29, and Aspen Carbajal, 18, who are both Deaf. Beyond the c...

Inside Look: Geography Field Trip

Students conduct lab work on a field trip to Orcas Island for Geography 205

Tristan Newsome, Staff Writer

May 24, 2018

It’s 8:00 A.M. on a Friday morning and we’re all not knowing what to expect. Two vans pull up and we each throw our belongings under the seats and atop already packed coolers filled with our food for the next few days. Our trip to Orcas Island, WA at this point had begun. “I was told there ...

Born To Play: Daughter of Pro Baseball Player at EvCC

Megan Dedrick looks to tag a runner sliding in to second base.

Connor Roestel, Sports Editor

May 14, 2018

To say the success that Megan Dedrick has had in her freshman year playing shortstop has been nothing short of phenomenal would be an understatement.  Not only is this year her first playing at EvCC, but also her first year playing the sport of softball. To understand Megan Dedrick, one must underst...

Let’s Get Political: Understanding EvCC’s Political Clubs

Club members from the College Democrats, College Republicans and the Young Americans for Liberty answer questions submitted by students at the EvCC Town Hall on February 27, 2018.

Elena Bahr, Staff Writer

May 14, 2018

Your college years are not just about algorithms, writing papers, and taking tests, it’s also a time to develop one’s set of opinions, values, and identity. Here’s what young Republicans and Democrats on campus had to say about the importance of understanding politics, speaking up, and getting i...

Conflicting Voices: When Culture and Education Clash

Pamela Alarcon, Staff Writer

May 10, 2018

Everett Community College is the source of education for more than 19,000 students each year, with 30% being students of color. These students come from all around the world to pursue an education and become a part of a different educational culture that families may not be familiar with. Cultural diff...

Behind the Wheel: Pablo Yeo’s California Special Mustang

Yeo drives his 2017 Mustang GT.

Derek Williams, Staff Writer

May 8, 2018

Pablo Yeo is an EvCC student with a passion for high octane cars and mechanical engineering. Q&A What's your dream car? Pablo Yeo: 2005 Ford GT. What are you trying to do with your degree? PY: I am trying to move up in my company or move on with the mechanical engineering degree with...

Wired In: The Music Project

Jacob Mannon, a 19-year-old student at EvCC, listens to Take Cover by All Time Low as he draws quietly on the floor of White Horse Hall. As he works on his project, his music “helps (him) focus and ignore surroundings.”

“(It’s) one of my favorite tracks,” says Mannon. Listen to it here:

Laura Campbell, Social Media Manager

March 13, 2018

As each student goes about their day, they create their own little worlds to tune everything out.  They fold themselves into corners, sprawl their midterm essays out on desks and work quietly in nooks all around campus.  The second their earbuds are adjusted, their surroundings don’t exist. So what are students listening to o...

AWD in the PNW

AWD in the PNW

Katja Wahl, Managing Editor of Visuals

March 12, 2018

Full parking lots are a common occurrence at EvCC. Within those lots lies a culture all its own; the Subaru family.  Subaru has managed to build an entire culture surrounding the brand, making it a fascinating community to be a part of. Aaron Bodenstab, a second-quarter electrical engineering major, j...