Feeling Confident With and Without Makeup

Growing up we start to find interest in things like video games, drawing or hobbies that make us feel good about ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves it makes life more enjoyable. Makeup is one of the hobbies that are common today. Makeup makes us feel confident, but how do we feel when we wipe it off at the end of the day?

Since makeup has to be removed and reapplied, if makeup is worn every day this can develop into a routine. Whether it’s a soft glam or a natural look, both are beautiful.

The natural makeup looks in today’s time are mostly concealer, mascara, blush and brushed up brows. Over time with trendsetting, natural looks are seen the most. It’s important to see our flaws and love them with and without makeup. It can make us stand out more and feel unique.

Concealer helps our under-eye bags seem like they aren’t there. They make us look more “awake.” But behind the makeup is staying up at night working hard on school or work, and we should embrace them as a sign of being hardworking. Mascara is for eyelashes, it accentuates our eyes making them appear a little bigger. Blush makes our cheeks look cute and warm. When brushing up the brows, the trend that is seen the most is brushing them up with a spoolie and soap. It makes the natural brows look even prettier so less makeup is used.

Soft glam look for pageant photoshoot. (Courtesy Photo from Marisol Mata.)

“When I first started wearing makeup I literally loved it! Mainly because it was a lot of fun creating new looks with all the shades every time. It was my way of being creative and standing out at the same time when I had a full glam on.” said Cosmetology student Marisol Mata. Makeup can also be a great way to take a break from reality and be able to pamper yourself.

“I believe that makeup should be something that you wear to enhance your features. You don’t think you have the need to wear makeup just because someone told you to or you feel like you have someone to look up to. Makeup should be a thing that makes you feel good about yourself.” said Anna Lutskov.

With the power social media holds it’s normal to feel insecure when you’re looking on Instagram or your Tik Tok page. There are many influencers that portray a “perfect picture” with photoshop or any other editing app. And it’s okay if people choose to, but when scrolling through, it’s important to remember that social media is not real and to truly focus on the present. We see many celebrities paint a picture of what we think we should look like all the time when in reality it takes hours to do hair and makeup when the glam only lasts for so long.

With wearing makeup we should see it as something fun and enjoyable. Just like Cosmetology student Claudia Villagomez said, “Every girl should see makeup as being creative and not seeing makeup as something you need.”

Makeup is overall something that makes you feel confident, but let’s remember that it is not essential and that the best accessory is your smile. Students here at EvCC want everyone to know that you don’t need makeup.

Floral makeup look by Marisol Mata. (Courtesy Photo from Marisol Mata.)