Ramadan at EvCC


Emely Salvador

Students and event attendees gather around a table to partake in the Ramadan feast.

For the first time on May 21st, the Muslim Student Association (MSA)  hosted a Ramadan event for students and staff at EvCC. Guests were given the opportunity to learn more about what Ramadan is about, women’s rights in Islam, and were able to participate in a Q and A.

“We want to inform people about what Ramadan is,” said Laila Omer, a member of MSA, “Ramadan is the holy month in Islam where Muslims fast from dusk to dawn throughout the whole month.”

During the Q and A, students were given an opportunity to ask questions and were answered by Yusuf Warsame. “ I think the Q and A is the most important part of the event,” said Aahmad Zaferi. “Questions are answered that can’t be answered anywhere else.”

During the event, negative stereotypes about Muslims were also discussed. “We wanted to make sure people knew about the negative stereotypes because once it starts somewhere it can spread,” said Zaferi.

Although this event was held to inform people about the Muslim religion, MSA also wanted to show that EvCC is “A safe and open environment for people to practice their faith, religion, and beliefs,” said Riza Hassan, a student at EvCC.