The Humanities Alliance Presents: What is Reality?

Ever wonder what reality actually is? Well, with the help and support from the office of the Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services, the Humanities Alliance will be presenting a series of faculty lectures located in GWH 386-388 from 12:20 – 1:20pm during the following dates:

January 18th

Mike VanQuickenborne: Philosophy

Reality as a Weapon

January 25th  

Andrew Wahl, Jouralism

Four-Color reality: How Comic books and the Real World Shape Each Other

Feburary 1st

Diane Brown, Anthropology

Altered states of consciousness – Addiction, Psychosis, Perception

February 15th

Zaki Hamid, Film

Framed: How Film Shapes Our Perception of Reality

February 22nd

Steven Grupp, Geology, and Gary Newlin, English

The Oso Landslide (a juxtaposition of the scientific perspective and the legal system in regards to the determining “responsibility.”)

March 1st

Charles Fischer, English

Narrative and Reality

March 8th

Margaret Riordan, Sociology

Mindfulness and Reality