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This Per-Credit Fee Promises EvCC Students A More Eco-Friendly Campus

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Annie Loomis
Student Senate Representative Jenna Mohr

From solar panels to student-run gardens, EvCC places a high level of importance on sustainability and green-friendly projects. Being the recipients of three LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) awards for several buildings across campus, EvCC advocates for sustainability are looking for future ways to continue their legacy of being eco- positive.

But with these projects come a price tag. The 2017/2018 Sustainability Fee, proposed by SEA Club President, Student Ambassador and Sustainability employee Max Tinsley may solve this problem. The fee would add a 50 cent charge per credit taken at EvCC with a 15 credit cap, the total charge never more than $7.50. According to Tinsley it’s “one of the lowest fees charged by institutions in our area.” It’s a lower fee than neighboring school, Edmonds Community College.

Upon being hired onto EvCC’s Sustainability team, Tinsley says he quickly became aware that the program had little to no operating budget. Tinsley, being passionate about the environment, had many ideas and no money. He began to explore the idea of a low-cost fee for students to aid in the ongoing mission of keeping EvCC green. “It’s a good option for long-term sustainable funding,” said Tinsley.

Having worked tirelessly on the fee, Tinsley states that the fee will go to ASB Student Senate for approval at the end of May. After May, likely in the fall or winter of next year, the fee will be put to a campus-wide student vote.

The fee has also been a joint effort by other members of the Sustainability Fee Committee which includes Max Tinsley, Jenna Mohr, Matt Hitchcock, faculty Molly Beeman and the ASB Executive Council. A main priority of the committee has been to communicate between students and on campus groups to gauge the general response towards the fee.

Annie Loomis
Max Tinsley passion for the environment led him to propose the Sustainability Fee

Tinsley, who has spoken extensively with students across campus said, “to be honest, I haven’t gotten much negative feedback. I feel most of the people I’ve talked to have expressed a fair amount of support for the concept.” The ASB Student Senate Representative for the committee, Jenna Mohr, also felt confident.

“Most students support the fee. It does a lot of good,” she said. “For the price of a cup of coffee you get a cleaner future.”

Both Tinsley and Mohr have stated that there will also be several open forums held to allow students to voice their opinions in the near future. Mohr said, “Students will (also) be able to attend Senate meetings as well to voice their opinions.”

The committee, given the chance to fund them, has many ideas about the future of the Sustainability budget. Tinsley passionately talked of possible projects such as rain gardens to recharge aquifers, benches with solar panels and a pollinator habitat.

The funds would also be allocated to three separate funds: a Campus Sustainability Fund (grants for student projects), a Green Investments Fund (leverage money for revolving loans and large scale projects) and funds to create more student positions within the Sustainability Office.

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One Response to “This Per-Credit Fee Promises EvCC Students A More Eco-Friendly Campus”

  1. Lisa Jones on June 2nd, 2017 8:58 am

    Great work, Max and everyone who is looking to support this fee! EvCC does such a phenomenal job with its limited resources and this fee could really make a big impact on campus for students!


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This Per-Credit Fee Promises EvCC Students A More Eco-Friendly Campus