Parking; Nightmare on Broadway

Sergio Huacuja, Staff Writer

So far this Fall Quarter, there has been many student complaints regarding parking. Parking is not an easy issue for EvCC due to the fact that adding parking is expensive and it’s not funded by The Community Higher Ed of Education , as well as starting the process of the city agreeing to allow EvCC to build the parking spaces.

If you’re taking 10 credits or more, a parking permit cost $45 plus tax. 9 credits or less will cost you $30 plus tax. Prices also applies for Administrators and staff.

A flat parking lot, the stalls cost $5,000 each. While a level parking lot the stalls go up to $25,000 each.

Parking problems date back until the 1960s where local newspapers could still be found report about it. “It’s been an issue for a long time,” said Molly L. Beeman, Administrative Services Manager , Facilities and Maintenance.

Additional parking spaces were added right next to Index Hall, but it’s not enough to fit student’s needs they said.

Students like Latty Harris said, “It took me two hours to find parking on the first day of school,” or “Parking is very important, I struggle every morning to find parking,” said Jessica Herrera, EvCC student.

Students have options such as an ORCA pass, which allows them to get on any bus locally. Or there is purchasing a carpool parking pass which cost a fraction of the price of a regular parking permit, but has its limitations.

If a parking garage were to be  constructed at EvCC, students would have to pay for it, just like the fitness center which was funded by students.

According to a press release by EvCC, For the new dormitory coming next year, nine spots will be for the residents on site, as well as the 31 spots in Lot I (behind Lily’s Garden Chinese restaurant) that will be designated to the dorms. Over the past four years, only about one third of residents at EvCC’s current housing unit, Lona Vista, have had cars. This is because the majority are international students, as will be the planned majority for the new dorms.

The press release also stated that EvCC will be adding 60 new spots to Lot K (College Plaza), and WSU will add 100 new spots north of Lot L. Both will be available in the Fall of 2016.