Edmond’s Triton’s Falls to Number 1 Everett Trojans.

Sergio Huacuja, Staff Writer

Number 1 in the league, Everett’s Women’s soccer team, the Trojans, beat Edmond’s Triton’s this Wednesday by 4-0. The first goal was scored by sophomore forward Lauren Allison who later would make a second goal. Before the first half ended Alma Manao scored a third goal which gave the Trojans a comfortable 3-0 lead over the Tritons. During the second half the Triton’s created a few chances but the Trojans defense was as hard as a rock. Anisa Uberuaga led a counter attack which led Kelsie Neil to beat the Triton’s defenders and put it behind the net with a tap in.
The Trojans are number 1 in the league with 5 wins, overall record 7 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss.
The Trojans next game is on Saturday 09/30/2015 vs Peninsula College in Port Angeles @12:00PM.