EvCC Student life Falls into Alice in Wonderland Event

The event features Tea and Musician Alice Krisitansen


Screenshot taken by the Clipper

The EvCC Student LIFE department is starting the new year off with a tea party starring Alice in Wonderland and Alice Krisitansen. The original name of the book was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which was published on November of 1865, however it has made appearances in many different forms such as the book series, musicals, an animated movie and multiple live action movies.

The live action Alice in Wonderland premiered on March 5, 2010 headlined by Johnny Depp, Mia Waskikowska, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway. It is about a nineteen year old girl who by accident falls down a rabbit hole and returns to Underland, which is known as Wonderland. Tarrant Hightopp, also known as The Mad Hatter, helps bring back the White Queen after going against the Red Queen and her Jabberwocky, a dragon that terrorizes Underland’s residents. The Mad Hatter also saves Alice from being captured by the Red Queen’s guards instead he turns himself in. He is later saved from execution by the Cheshire Cat. Alice in Wonderland was nominated for many awards and won at least 25 awards such as best costume design and best fantasy film.

EvCC is presenting Alice Kristiansen, who began her career in 2011 by uploading covers of songs of different genres/artists while playing the guitar or piano. In 2014 when she was only 18 years old she released an album of covers that were self-named. Within a year her songs were posted by Ashton Kutcher playing a song by Taylor Swift, “Wildest Dreams” on his Facebook. As the years followed, Kristiansen began posting more covers frequently while still writing her own songs in 2016 Kristianen would finally release her own songs. In February of that year, she released the original piano and strings romantic song called “Moon and Back”. That summer she accompanied with another song called “Twilight Blue”. During the mid of 2017, she would release “Lost My Mind” via Music City East Productions. Kristiansen has grown throughout the years, standing at 148 thousand followers on Instagram.

EvCC will be welcoming Alice Kristiansen this Thursday, January 12, 2023 with a tea party and Alice in Wonderland at 1pm taking place in the Parks Student Union Cafe. For more information on this event, contact Trojan Activity Board Manager, Victoria Peters, [email protected] or Student LIFE Advisor, Lindsay Hudson, [email protected], or call (425) 388-9508. Follow the EvCC Student LIFE social media accounts or check out the EvCC website for more on campus events.