Black Friday 2021, What to expect?

In 2020, Black Friday was canceled due to COVID. This year, shoppers are excited to return to this shopping extravaganza while following the CDC and store guidelines of masks and social distancing.


Closest to students here at EvCC is the outlet mall near Marysville. An employee from Michael Kors says, “I have seen almost all the places at the outlets having sales. Haven’t passed a store that didn’t have one.” From stores like Vans, Forever 21, and Pacsun all the way to Eddie Bauer, Cabela’s, and Michael Kors there is a store for everyone. At Michael Kors, the Black Friday sales include the store being up to 70% off.

Black Friday is finally in person this year and there are lots of deals to go with it. (Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

Walmart is providing deals from their electronic department in addition to their clothing and household section. Ads and announcements urge customers to, “Get’em now, because they’re going fast.”

Best Buy is participating in Black Friday this year with deals that are hard to miss, some would say. As it is a store mostly featured towards electronics they have multiple types of TV’s that are ranging from 250 dollars to 900 dollars off.

As most stores, Target is also partaking in giving deals this Black Friday. Their deals will begin November 21 and carry on until November 27. One of their better deals is 200$ off a KitchenAid mixer, which will be a great addition for baking these holidays.

How Black Friday is Happening this Year and Safety Protocols

As we are shopping, it is imperative to keep in mind the outcomes and situations of what can occur, and to follow safety protocols. While many stores are trying to keep a healthy environment for their employees, store hours will differ depending on the location you are shopping at. In the past it was common to devour down your thanksgiving feast and get ready for a night out shopping. But this year, Costco will remain closed the entirety of Thanksgiving and reopen on that Friday at 9am.

It is important to note the safety precautions that are needed to be held this year. “The advice I would give to Black Friday shoppers is, if an employee is telling you ‘no’ it is because it is company policy,” says the Michael Kors employee.

Unlike years before and entering the mall with thousands of people, in the stages of a worldwide pandemic, we have to be sure to partake in COVID safety regulations. As every store is different it is strongly advised to follow the rules each store has set in place. Washing your hands, keeping your mask above your nose and staying at least six feet away from others, can ensure the safety of yourself and others who are partaking in the Black Friday shopping spree.

Shoppers rush through stores to grab the best deals. (Roman Selia on Unsplash)

How Employees Feel About the new Black Friday

As lines start to form and everyone is reaching for that final sales item it is imperative to remain calm and respectful. The employee adds, “being patient with the retail employee is what most of us are asking for. Most of the time during the holiday season the majority of workers are new. There are also a lot of seasonal workers that do not have as much experience as our long-term employees.”

While shopping this season, it is important to read and understand the sales you are getting, be patient with workers and keep a safe distance to ensure the safety of yourself and others. A vast majority of locations are participating in Black Friday, it is important to keep employees in mind while shopping for the best deals and keeping everyone safe.