Resources and Step-by-Step Guide to Running Start

Running Start is a program here at EvCC that allows high school students in their junior and senior years to take college classes tuition-free. They are allowed to take up to 15 credits, and these credits can be paid for by their high schools during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. 

Figuring out where to begin when signing up for Running Start can be overwhelming, but with the provided tips and step-by-step instructions, the process can be smooth and stress-free. 

Step by Step Guide

  1. Contact your high school about joining Running Start.
  2. Fill out all of the paperwork that your high school will give to you.
  3. Take the Accuplacer test and submit your transcript and test scores to the college. 
  4. Fill out the online application.
  5. Once you have received your acceptance email, you can browse classes you might want to take.
  6. Contact and set up a meeting with your given EvCC advisor. 
  7. Fill out your Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF).
  8. Turn the form in to your high school, and then once they send it back with approval, turn it in to EvCC.
  9. Sign up for classes on your specific day and time.
  10. Pay the college fees.
  11. Look for your textbooks on the EvCC library website, and order them and other necessary class materials
  12. Start your classes.
  13. Steps 6 through 12 will happen each quarter.

Use this time to figure out what you want to do

With the help of Running Start, Gotera was able to figure out what she was interested in. (Courtesy Photo from Angela Gotera.)

When you are signing up for EvCC you are asked what you want to major in. There are many different options for which degree you can choose, and there is also an Associate in General Studies. This degree allows you to choose whatever courses you would like as long as you still take care of certain requirements. These requirements include meeting 90 credits, 45 of which are traditionally graded courses. Along with this you must also take a diversity course. 

Whether you choose the general studies degree or jump right into a specific pathway, you can always change your degree along the way. 

Angela Gotera, a high school senior receiving her Associates in Arts and Sciences this spring, has been doing Running Start for the past two years. “With EvCC I was really able to explore what I want to do with my major because originally I had no idea,” Gotera said. 

After she graduates from EvCC she will attend the University of Oregon to double major in music composition and business. “I took a business class which I found myself really liking. I also took a music composition class, and I also found myself enjoying that. [It was helpful to] test in a safe place what classes I want to take and what I enjoy.” 

Ask for Help

Pusateri utilized her advisors in her Running Start journey. (Courtesy Photo from Rebekah Pusateri.)

One of the best things you can do throughout this journey is surround yourself with resources. There are many other Running Start students here at EvCC that are in the same boat. Forming study groups with them is a great way to learn as well as get things done on time. Your teachers and advisor are also always there to help you. 

One of the biggest issues Running Start alumni Rebekah Pusateri ran into was figuring out how college life worked. “I emailed my advisors a lot, and they helped me learn how to do it all,” Pusateri said. 

“Running start has taught me that office hours are actually helpful, and the tutoring system is also really helpful,” Gotera said. 

Fast Advice

  • Create a schedule
  • Befriend other Running Start students
  • Don’t get stressed because you are already ahead
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to submit paperwork
  • Get involved with campus extracurriculars