How EvCC Students Receive News

Data from a poll of EvCC students was made into an infographic detailing their preferences for receiving news.

Jessica Kupcake
An infographic detailing the ways in which EvCC students receive their news and how they interact with news sources.

EvCC students were recently surveyed regarding their daily news and how they receive it.  

According to Zignal Labs, a digital data analytics company, “86 percent of Americans who read news articles on social media admit they don’t always fact check the news they read on social.” Of that, “44 percent will either share, comment or like the stories they’ve read and not fact checked.” In comparison, EvCC students are less likely to spread news that has not been fact checked (see infographic above).

PEW Research Center says, “The rise of ‘fake news’ and the proliferation of doctored narratives that are spread by humans and bots online are challenging publishers and platforms.”