Lockdown Issued On Campus

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A lockdown was issued on the main campus of school at approximately 11:43 a.m. this morning. EvCC’s Rave Alert automated system issued a statement, “EVCC’s main campus in Everett is in lockdown. Not a drill. Lock doors. Seek Shelter. Avoid being seen or heard.”

According to the school’s Twitter page, it was the result of police activity in the area. The lockdown ended six minutes later. All buildings were reopened and classes were resumed. The suspect is in custody. 

“As we saw this weekend with deadly shootings in Ohio and Texas, violence does happen, and we need to be prepared” ”

— EvCC President, Daria Willis

Update: Tuesday Aug. 6.


According to EvCC’s Media Relations, the school’s security office was informed of threatening comments made by an individual in the cashier’s office. The school took the comments seriously and notified the Everett Police Department. The student was quickly located and arrested, police didn’t find a weapon and no one was hurt. 

The schools newest President, Daria Willis, released a statement in a student-wide email. “As we saw this weekend with deadly shootings in Ohio and Texas, violence does happen, and we need to be prepared,” said Willis. “Thank you to the Cashier’s Office, Security, Counseling, and College Advancement for their fast response.”

In addition to thanking the staff, she also urged students, their families and friends to sign up for the EvCC emergency alert system, RAVE. 

President Willis took the incident one step further by reaching out to Security, College Advancement and numerous departments to find out how the school can better spread the word of emergencies while they are happening. 

If you would like to sign up for the emergency alert system, you can go to http://www.everettcc.edu/emergency If you have any suggestions or comments on how the school can be more prepared, please contact Security Director Chuck Macklin at cmacklin@everettcc.edu.