Anxiety Caused by COVID-19 and Tips on How to Handle It

Anxiety Caused by COVID-19 and Tips on How to Handle It

Dongmei Liang, Staff Writer

June 17, 2020

 People's lives are still being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “I lost my job temporarily and have never been unemployed for such a long period of time. I have to keep reminding myself that all of this is temporary and things will return to a semi-normal state,” EvCC student Adrienne Plummer...

Environmental Action

(Left to right) EvCC SEA club's advisors Laura Wild, and Nancy Vandenberg sit with members during a club meeting.

Helene Martin, Managing Editor of Print

November 7, 2019

Global warming and environmental issues have been a rising concern across the nation and all over the globe. Environmental activism movements have been popping up and more people are looking for ways to help the environment. One way that EvCC students have been getting involved is through the Students...

Healthy Eating: From Campus to Home

A bowl of bananas, apples and oranges, delicious and nutritious snacks for on and off campus.

Jacob Dickson and Ana Hoy

November 6, 2019

Class, gym, work, and social life, do you even have time to stop and think about how healthy your next meal is going to be? As college students, there is little time to stop and breathe, so how is there going to be time to look for the healthiest food options on, or near campus. “It’s hard to stay on a healthy diet if your workload and school stuff are too much,” said Ben Duon...