Estimated 1,500 Protest Gun Violence in Everett #MarchForOurLives

Woman chants at the march in Everett.

Nataya Foss, Managing Editor of Digital

March 24, 2018

An estimated 1,500 people took to the streets in what is being called Everett’s largest rally in its history, according to Christopher Glans, co-organizer of the event. Protestors were demanding stricter gun regulations and protesting the frequent school shootings and gun violence happening all o...

When You Hear the Gunshots

In the case of an active shooter event, “do your fellow students and faculty a favor and hit that lockdown button,” Macklin said.

Emma Kilgore, Managing Editor-Print

February 23, 2017

It was the spring morning of April 20, 1999 that forever altered the way schools manage security. Columbine heralded a new norm for students- mass shootings. Eight years later, the second-largest mass shooting on U.S. soil occurred at Virginia Tech where 32 lost their lives. Four years later, 26 people...