The Clipper

Construction worker, Carol Crane, describing the accident that occurred in front of the Mountain View dorms on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

EvCC Student Involved in Hit and Run

Daniel Albert, Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2020

Just before 9:45 a.m. this morning EvCC student, Lakeithia Sakin was involved in a vehicular hit and run just outside of the Mountain View dorms on the intersection of 10th street and Broadway. Sakin was...

Everett Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Aaron Snell stands next to his patrol car and explains the close work between the EvCC’s Security Office and the Everett Police Department outside of White Horse Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Crime on and off Campus

Daniel Albert, Editor-in-Chief November 8, 2019

Crime in Everett is nothing new to anyone who has been outside and looked around. But sometimes the crimes occur closer to campus than people think. Every year the Everett Community College Campus Safety...

Digging Deep into Everett Crime

Emma Kilgore, Managing Editor-Print March 11, 2017

Compared to notorious crime-filled city Chicago, Everett is on the tamer side. In fact, for a state that boasts the most dangerous city in America according to Safewise, Everett shouldn’t draw a second...

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